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Jim & Missy Tollar

Alabama, USA

Email Update- June 2011

Greetings to our co-laborers in the Lord:

Where to begin? When writing a letter to someone it can be difficult to collect your thoughts and try to organize them in an orderly fashion. This is especially true in our family’s situation. We have been in Kenya for almost one year now and have enjoyed seeing the Lord work in bringing the Grace Message to the Mombasa area. I have counted it a privilege to work with Pastor Peter Kagwi in our training school (Berean Grace School of Ministries) and our local church in Mikindani. Through the school we have been able to train pastors and church leaders in the preaching of Jesus Christ according to the revelation of the Mystery. Our team of the coast has also started teaching at “extension schools” in areas outside of Mombasa.  This is what I mean by “extension schools”—once per month we go to an area where we bring the teaching to the people because they cannot come to the main school in Mikindani. We now have training centers in Mazeras, Kaloleni, and Ukunda. We thank the Lord that this extension training has been well received by the local people.

The Lord has been doing great things in Mombasa; however, we find it necessary to leave the Kenya field at this time. The problem has not been financial, cultural or ministry related, but because of the lack of education options for our 2 sons, David and Andrew. Missy and the boys will be leaving on June 27th to fly back to America (Chicago), and I will return sometime towards the end of July. I am staying behind to wait for Samantha to finish her first year at Rift Valley Academy. She finishes school on July 14th. Please continue to pray for the coast ministry and for Grace Bible Church, Kenya.

Missy and I would like to thank everyone for their prayers and support during the past two years of deputation and serving in Kenya. TCM will keep us on missionary support until the end of October 2011. This will give us time to enroll the kids in school, look for employment, and to find a home. Many changes are in store and we ask you to PLEASE continue to pray for our family during this time of transition.

In Christ,

Jim & Missy Tollar