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Bob & Beth Xavier

Grace Martial Arts, Florida, USA


Why Faith? A Defense for Faith

Read Box Xavier's booklet here.


Investing in the lives and Eternal Destiny of Youth and Families

January 20, 2015


+ Beth continues to be challenged with chronic pain due to last yearís car accident.

+ Son Jonathanís wife Rachel gave birth to Ronin Ezra, December 22, 2014.

+ Daughter Rebecca will give birth to her fifth child, April 2015. Rebecca, her husband Chris and Beth continue wonderful administrative assistance for 175 GMA students enrolled in four Grace Martial Arts clubs. Rebecca & Chrisís Joshua, age 7, continutes to receive positive medical reports with regards his scoliosis surgery and improvement.

+ Daughter Rachel graduated from State College of Florida. We request fervent prayers for her.


+ I made a large flip chart to teach a 3-part series on The Deity of Christ: Part 1: Divine Names of God; Part 2: Five distinctive, divine attributes only God possesses; Part 3: Seven works God alone can do. Jesus Christ has all the names of God, all five divine attributes, and did all seven works God alone can do! Many GMA students have never had any Bible teaching. It has been a real joy for us to have the students, parents and church fellowships positively respond to The Deity of Christ teaching and Scripture memory.

+ Every year we are blessed to graduate outstanding teen-age black belt leaders who are grounded in the grace-centered, finished-work teaching of Christ. Thank you for your prayers PERSONAL PRAYER REQUESTS

+ Mark McGee, key GMA adult leader, moved to Alabama leaving many students in Tampa with the need for an advanced Black Belt instructor. Pray the Lordís direction to meet this need.

+ PDF copy of The Deity of Christ .

+ We are requesting direction and provisions to develop a DVD Ė an instructional presentation for Christian martial arts instructors, parents and students to provide a clear teaching of the Gospel plus Biblical illustrations and life skills utilizing martial arts skills and principles.

In Christís Love & Grace,

Bob & Beth

Powerfully Connecting With Our Kids' World While Affirming Them with Vital Christian Family Values

Bob also coordinates as 'grace' oriented martial arts program that uses that medium to develop Christian character in young men and women. Beth Xavier assists Bob with co-counseling of women residents, provides hospitality and a healthy role-model to women residents.

Read Bob & Beth's booklet Training Champions for Christ. This explains their ministry purpose.

Xavier's May 2013 Ministry Update

We are beginning again with our martial arts outreach at the Palma Sola Community Church, the Grace Church our family has been attending since 1987. Print out the flyer for 2013-2014 year and/or the summer of 2013 and find out more. We have already distributed 6000 flyers to the elementary schools in the area. We are praying that some new families and children will begin to attend the church through this new ministry outreach. Our newest Newsletter will also be a good way to catch up on our ministry.

Ministry Update

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Triumphantly In Christ’s Love & Grace,
Bob & Beth Xavier