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Luz Gaddi Moves to Kisumu December 17, 2014

Luz Gaddi One of our veteran TCM missionaries is Miss Luz Gaddi of the Philippines. She graduated from TCM’s International Grace Bible Institute and served as a Bible Woman for many years before taking a graduate teaching job in Jakarta, Indonesia and working with TCM-Indonesia. After 22 years she asked to become a missionary in Africa, working first in Uganda and then Kenya. After a 3-month furlough in Philippines Luz moved to Kisumu on the shores of Lake Victoria two months ago. She writes, “Here in Kisumu the youth and women are active. We are gathering food to help a young widow who lost her husband, only 35 years old with four small kids.” Luz is also making plans to visit the churches in Eldoret and Kampala, Uganda.

Myanmar Ministry GrowsDecember 9, 2014

Myanmar Theology Students Pastor Kenneth & Eunice Ling wrote about their Myanmar Grace Gospel Churches, "I would like to say thank you for your love and participation in the mission work here in Myanmar. We do very much appreciate for your Love and Concern for us and it is really great value for us and for the mission work here in Myanmar. As you pray for us, God has blessed and now Myanmar Grace Gospel has six mission fields, 11 Bible Students and 16 Orphan Children. MGGC also praying for you." Nathan Killion and Tim Heath recently visited Myanmar for one week of training leaders for the churches.

Philippine Tribal EvangelismDecember 8, 2014

Manobo EvangelismOne of Pastor Jun Cadelina's ministries is evangelism among the Manobo trible of Mindanao in the Philippines. This is a rugged trip of many hours on dirt and rock roads. Often Pastor Jun's 4WD van breaks down and he completes the journey by motorcycle--six people on one--or even barefoot to cross the rivers. Pastor Jun explains, "Incantation or dancing to evil spirits during rituals are still common in that place as a pastor told us. Communist rebels are still many in the area armed with high-powered guns. We were warned not to take pictures." Praise the Lord that on his last trip, 80 people trusted in Jesus Christ as their Savior.

McGarveys Ministering in South Africa December 2, 2014

McGarveyJoel McGarvey, director of Bible Doctrines to Live By, also serves as the president of the TCM board. He and his wife Susan have been invited to speak at the Annual Conference of the Grace churches in South Africa on Dec. 5-7 in Johannesburg. Besides the conference, the McGarveys are meeting with the national leaders Steve Thobela, Kennedy Mandaza and William Mdluli and speaking at several of the Grace churches, including Tshepisong which has an ongoing building project. Dean & Sheba Padayhag, who just arrived back in South Africa themselves, are hosting Joel & Susan for their two weeks.

Camposes Return for Service in BrazilDecember 1, 2014

Campos familyJoe & Michelle Campos moved to Recife in northeast Brazil to resume their missionary ministry. The past three years they have lived in Grand Rapids where Joe was the director of Prison Mission Association. Their three younger children, Jessica, Nathan and Bella, have returned with them while Elly has started her first year at Grace Bible Church in Grand Rapids, MI. Joe will be working with the established Grace churches while also training church planters. Michelle will continue with the Project ABBA and Awana ministries while assisting their children with home schooling. The Camposes join veteran missionaries Doug & Vicki LeFeber.

Cooperation in Brazil November 23, 2014

Grace Summit Director Ben & Joyce Anderson returned from three weeks of ministry in Brazil on November 4. The main invitation came from the Grace churches in southern Brazil to speak at their annual conference in Indaial. Besides meeting with TCM missionaries Gomer & Nene Indino and Doug & Vicki LeFeber, the Andersons were able to meet with pastors and speak in churches in Parana, Santa Catarina, Aracaju and Recife. A highlight of the journey was the Grace Summit held in Shangri-la on the southern coast. Representatives of all th Grace organizations met for a time of fellowship, teaching and vision casting. To cement their desire for cooperation, the Summit formed a committee of five to plan for future meetings and cooperative ministries.

Padayhags in South Africa November 22, 2014

Padayhag Family Dean & Sheba together with Shedea and Shedesh have returned to South Africa on October 29. During their four months of deputation in the United States they traveled 23,000 miles and visited churches and believers in 30 states. Their trip was not uneventful, with a car accident in California and a robbery upon returning to Johannesburg. The Padayhags express their appreciation for the many people who hosted and encouraged them during the journey. Dean & Sheba are busy with the Bible school, opening a new church and preparing for the annual conference in early December.

Inter-Field Cooperation November 21, 2014

Walendo Ekaliban ImprosoPastor Phillip Walendo of Kampala, Uganda traveled to Kenya in October to participate in a training seminar conducted by leaders of the Grace Bible Churches of Kenya. He was joined by Pastor John Ekaliban of the Turkana for an intensive week of training on doctrinal and practical topics for pastors. Teachers were Pastor Stanley Mwangi, missionary Gardner Improso and Kenya Director Titus Kivilu. Pastor Phillip summarized his training, “With all the above topics we covered I am greatly transformed and I got a lot of courage because all my questions about Grace Ministry were answered by the facilitators. My major ambition after the training is teaching other people and opening a new church in Uganda.” Read Pastor Phillip's report.

People Hungry for The Lord October 10, 2014

PhilippinesPraise the Lord for the 501 people who professed to receiving Jesus Christ as Savior and thousands more were exposed to the Gospel in the Philippines. This is the result of eight days of evangelistic meetings conducted by Pastors Jun Cadelina, Pete Alip and PonPon Ayop, Jr. where they visited the remote, mountainous areas of South Cotabato and Sultan Kudarat where Pastor Jun and Corah Maglasang work. A letter and pictures from Pastor Cadelina...

Multiplication by Division October 8, 2014

Berean Searchlight Missionary Pat Kilgo has written an article for the Berean Searchlight about the disagreement between Apostle Paul and Barnabas about John Mark before their second missionary journey. The article explains how their different perspectives came about and then shows how God used each individual to accomplish his mission. Pat closes with a challenge, “Are you like Paul—driven, results-oriented, industrious, resilient, always forging ahead? Or are you like Barnabas—reflective, nurturing, sympathetic, forward-thinking, patient, willing to be hurt for someone you love? Either way, that’s great! You are who God made you to be, and He will work out His purpose through you even if others oppose your methods.”

Light of the Gospel Shines October 7, 2014

Myra VBS Ancestor’s Day is a week long religious festival where families visit the temples to offer food and gifts to their dead relatives. Reincarnation is an important part of Buddhism and this ritual is meant to create good karma for a better next life. Team Cambodia offered an alternative to the children in Takeo Province by holding Vacation Bible School with the theme “Building Up the Church.” While many children went to the temple, fourteen children attended the three-day Bible school classes and learned about Jesus Christ who is the light of the World. Myra Omictin writes, “We are so thankful for the volunteers (missionaries and locals) for their support.” There are still 11,000 Cambodian villages without a church. Pictures . . .

Spiritual Growth in Myanmar October 6, 2014

Myanmar This year Pastor Kenneth and his Myanmar team have established four grace churches and with this growth comes a need for training Bible teachers and developing leaders to reach this predominately Buddhist country with the good news of Jesus Christ. Tim Heath and Nathan Killion are responding to this need by traveling October 7-13 to the major city of Yangon to teach leaders of the newly established Grace Gospel Churches of Myanmar. Please pray for this trip and the growth of this field.

Luz Gaddi Moving to Kisumu October 3, 2014

Luz Gaddi After a 3-month furlough in the Philippines, missionary Luz Gaddi is returning again to serve in Kenya, but this time to the Lake Victoria city of Kisumu in western Kenya. Last term Luz served in Mombasa on the Indian Ocean and Nakuru in the Great Rift Valley. In Kisumu, Luz will be training Sunday School teachers, organizing the women’s ministry and assisting the pastors in Kisumu and the surrounding area. The Kenya National Conference will be held in Kisumu in August 2015 and there is much work to done in preparation. Please keep Luz in your prayers for safety as she travels and hearts open to will of God.

Missionary Car Needed September 26, 2014

carOne of the services that TCM provides for our missionaries is a vehicle to use on deputation. When the missionaries arrive in Indianapolis from the field, they have a clean, insured and fueled car ready to go. Some missionaries virtually live in the car while they travel across the country visiting supporters and speaking in churches. The 1998 Buck LeSabre which Padayhags were using had just 86,000 miles on it when donated by a friend in Portland, Oregon. It now has 218,000 miles and has crossed the country several times. Because of its mileage and the severity of the damage, we will not repair the Buick--which leaves TCM one missionary car short. If this is an area where you can help out the missionaries, please contact the TCM office or send a gift designated “Missionary Car.”

Padayhags Experience the Dangers of Deputation September 25, 2014

crash We praise the Lord that Dean & Sheba Padayhag together with Shedea and Shedesh are safe after they were sideswiped by a box truck on I-215 in Riverside, California. Shedesh has some minor glass cuts but the family is doing well. Missionaries often drive over 5000 each month while on deputation which exposes them to all the dangers of long distance driving. We are thankful that the body of Christ in Riverside and San Diego helped the Padayhags during this time of need. They have rented a car and are continuing their journey up the west coast to Grants Pass where they will begin a month of missionary conferences.

Philippines Thankful for EXITE Trip September 24, 2014

EXITE PhilippinesThe EXITE team of 23 Americans, mostly young people, served the Lord in the Philippines on June 30 - July 14, 2014. They were able to help 4 churches on the island of Leyte rebuild from the destruction of Typhoon Haiyan. They also ministered to the Filipinos through Kids Clubs and Evangelistic Crusades. The team is thankful for all the prayers and support while they were in the Philippines. They were able to raise over $10,000 to assist the damaged areas. Field Director Jun Pielago writes, "Thank you, U.S. EXITE Team, for your hard work in helping rebuild four of our typhoon-damaged church buildings in Leyte! "Your labor is not in vain in the Lord!" Team member Ben Lange has posted a video.

TCM Welcomes Julia Liles from England September 19, 2014

Julia Liles Although all believers are ambassadors of Christ, not all are called to be cross-cultural missionaries. TCM is excited to introduce Julia Liles from London, England as our newest missionary. Julia's parents taught her the grace message at a young age at their home in London. While Julia was completing her bachelor's degree she trusted in Christ and began seeking God's will for her life. During Africa Safari 2009 in Kenya Julia received the call to be a missionary and graduated in May from the two-year missionary training program at All Nations College near London. After several short trips to India and Southeast Asia Julia is confident that God is guiding her to serve in Southeast Asia. In January 2015 she will travel to the United States for four months of deputation before going to the field.

Pauline Watkins Serving in the TCM Headquarters September 18, 2014

At our recently concluded board meeting Pauline Watkins was assigned as a missionary to the TCM home office. Pauline is one of the founders of TCM together with her late husband Joe Watkins. After 29 years of missionary work in the Philippines, in 1987 she and Joe moved back to the office which was then in Cope, Colorado. Currently, Pauline picks up the mail, enters donations and addresses, communicates with missionaries, keeps the missionary apartment ready and helps with the banking. Her coworkers are Ben & Joyce Anderson, Cindy LaVier and Darlene Anderson. The whole TCM team is blessed to have this faithful woman of God standing with us.

Strategic Church Planting Plan for Voi September 17, 2014

Carlo & Elma PanaBetween the Kenya ministry in the highlands and the churches on the Coast there is a stretch of 300 kilometers where Grace Bible Church does not work. Recently the Coast pastors under the leadership of Pastor Peter Kagwi met to discuss how to reach Voi, the largest town in that area with a population of 45,843. They decided to form the Voi mission consisting of five leaders from Mombasa. They will conduct a survey trip on Oct. 31 to Nov. 2, 2014. The plan is for Pastor Patrick Kilei, who is currently studying at the Bible school, to move to Voi with his wife and two children in 2015 to start a “Grace Preaching Point.”

TCM Board Meets September 16, 2014

board meeting Please remember in prayer the TCM board that meets today through tomorrow, that wise decisions will be made that will have eternal benefits. Among the items on the agenda is an interview with a new missionary candidate, and a report from the Padayhags, missionaries to South Africa. Ben Anderson and Don Sommer will be joined by four board members who are coming from out-of-state: Doug Cox, Joel McGarvey, Dick Ware, and Tim Board. Jesse Vaught will be unable to attend because of the recent birth of his son, Judah Luke.

Grace Family Conference in South Dakota September 15, 2014

South Dakota Director Ben & Joyce Anderson drove to a farm in South Dakota on September 4-7 at the invitation of Pastor Joel Finck. TCM board member Tim Board and Ben were speakers at the conference together with Joel and others. Joyce writes, “We had a wonderful time at the Grace Family Conference and met up with Tim and Lori Board and family, and William and Donna Lange and Ben from AL. Ben Lange was on the EXITE trip to the Philippines and gave a good report of their assistance for the Typhoon Haiyan victims. Tim and son Timmy Board manned the TCM display. We were able to talk to several people about mission and their response.”

Visas Approved!September 12, 2014
Kilgo Family

Applying for visas can be a long and complicated process which missionaries must deal with throughout their years of ministry. We praise the Lord for this news from Pat & Michelle Kilgo, “It took years of planning, 7 trips to the immigration office, 70+ man-hours, overcoming numerous clerical errors and system failures, and more headaches than we care to remember, but ... today we received the last of our visa passes to stay here! We know that many of you have been praying for this day, some of you for more than two years. THANK YOU! We thank The Lord for His faithfulness to our family. It is certainly a great big weight off of our shoulders.”

Philippines Reports 203 Enrolled Bible StudentsSeptember 11, 2014
Love One Another

Field Director Jun Pielago writes, “Our six TCM Bible schools (including two Bible training centers in Negros) have a total enrollment of 203 students for this school year. Breakdown of enrollment is as follows: NGBTC, Tambo, Ayungon, Neg. Oriental – 8; NGBTC, Kabankalan City – 14; IGBI-Cauayan City Campus – 16; IGBI-Bataan Campus – 27; IGBI-Ozamiz City Campus – 54; IGBI-Tagum City Campus – 84. Out of the 203 enrollees, 37 are graduating in March 2015. Please pray for the faculty members of these schools that God would give them wisdom as they train the students for the ministry. Pray also for the students’ need of finances.” These are the students who will in the future care for the many new Grace churches being planted.

Body of Christ Showing Love for One AnotherSeptember 10, 2014
Love One Another

Apostle Paul writes, “Out of the most severe trial, their overflowing joy and their extreme poverty welled up in rich generosity” (2 Cor. 8:2). What a blessing, then, to hear from Kenya Director Titus Kivilu. “Dear Brother Ben, After hearing and reading about the devastating destruction caused by the deadly typhoon in Philippines in November including TCM churches and believers, we requested believers from Grace Bible Church-Kenya to give a voluntary donation to share the grief and hurt with our fellow brethren in Philippines. We were deeply touched by what our fellow brethren went through during that time. The Kenya churches have contributed a small donation of Ksh 20,000 ($250) to assist them in mending the damages caused by the typhoon especially in the churches in the affected areas.”

New Training Centre on Kenya CoastSeptember 9, 2014
Myanmar Dedication

Pastor Peter Kagwi heads up the Grace ministry along the Kenya coast. He writes, “At the main school in Mikindani I have three different classes which meet on different days weekly. The total hours per main class is 9. At the 4 distance training centers, I only train on Saturdays except the Tana Delta where I go for one week because it is so far. Praise the Lord that this week we launched a new training center at West-Coast of Mombasa. On Sat. 23rd Aug., six students enrolled and the intake is in progress until 6th Sep. when the official classes will begin. Pastor Jackson Tsuma from Kaloleni will be the coordinator of the new center. He is a graduate of BGSM and a very active pastor.”

Myanmar Salvation Camps and Church DedicationSeptember 8, 2014
Myanmar Dedication

Pastor Kenneth Ling has had a busy summer conducting salvation camps in three diffferent area of Myanmar. He writes, “Pastor Mawia, Peter and I are very busy visiting our new church. The past Water Festival we held Salvation Camps at three places with 40 campers at each. Seven people confessed that they accept Jesus Christ as their own personal Lord and Savior. We praise God for His wonderful guidance and blessings through the camp. All these are the answers of your prayer and the fruits of your hard-work. God hears our prayer. Please continue to pray for Myanmar. I send you some pictures of Church Dedication and our Salvation Camp.”

Pioneer Missionary Joseph Watkins Departs June 18, 2014

Joe WatkinsDecember 11, 1933 - June 18, 2014

Hearts were full of tears and laughter at the Memorial Service held Saturday, June 21st, as family and friends honored Joe's faithful life as Dad and Missionary from 1956-2014. All remembered Joe's love for the Philippines and Filipinos. Daily he kept in touch via Skype calls and Facebook for the recent news. Though living in USA, he and Pauline never forgot their active life and work establishing International Grace Bible Institute , printing gospel literature, and founding the first Grace church in Cebu City. Their dining table was always surrounded by visiting workers for the Lord. We do well to rejoice in Joe's works well done.

Padayhags Set for USA Visit June 9, 2014

Padayhag Dean & Sheba Padayhag with Shedea and Shedesh have received their US visas for a deputation visit to the United States from July through October. They are preparing their ministry in South Africa for the time during which they will be gone. Sheba writes, "It's going to be a very busy 3 weeks before we leave. We are printing and binding the Bible school textbooks for June through November. Dean has a seminar in Kgabalatsane, which is part 2 of last month's seminar. This is an outreach to start a church in that area coordinated by Pastor William Mdluli."

Sowing & Reaping! June 6, 2014

Philippine churchesIn the 23 Ministry Districts in the Philippines, 23 more new churches plants were established from January 2013 to March 2014. Total congregations now number 465 with many new workers and IGBI four-year graduates coming up during the recent Annual Conference, ready for service from north to south in this island nation. What a blessing from the Lord - a good reason to rejoice in Him, indeed! The goal is for each district to plant one new church each year for the next five years = REPRODUCTION! Read more news from the Philippines . . .

Campers Accept Christ May 2, 2014

Seven young people accepted Jesus Christ on the first night of youth camp in South Africa. This year's theme, The Amazing Race, was based on Hebrews 12:1-2 and 2 Timothy 4:7-8, and was three full days of activities with the 34 campers grouped into six teams using the parts of God's armor as their team names. The National Organization of Grace Berean Youth (NOGBY) conducts these annual camps for the spiritual and practical life-changing experiences of the youth from several areas of the country and was led this year by Dean and Sheba Padayhag along with dedicated graduates and 2nd year students of Grace Berean Bible School.

Please Pray for Missionary Visas May 2, 2014

visaPlease pray for everyone who is working in countries where visas are only given short-term. Asia is the continent with countries that have the greatest need for a gospel presentation and where the fewest missionaries live. Missionaries must leave the country in which they work several times a year in order to have their visas renewed. This is a hardship and expense. TCM praises God for his wonderful provision so far. However, Genesis Maraat writes: Please continue to pray for our visas. We have not received in our hands the approval from the Ministry of Religion yet. Once we get the approval paper then we will go to the immigration. Our current visa will expire May 17. The visas are really expensive for the whole family. But there is nothing we can do with the expense because everyone pays for a religious visa." They cannot get a visa renewal without the government permits and these can be delayed indefinitely. There is a late penalty fee charged daily! Genesis and Verna Maraat have a current newsletter you can read here.

Target Date: October! May 1, 2014

campos Joe and Michelle Campos and their family are six months away from returning to Brazil in October and busy with traveling, visiting churches, raising the last amount for their monthly budget and helping the kids finish up this year of school before heading back to a different system in the fall. They value your prayers for this time as they navigate across the USA to churches and home’s of people. It is a time to reconnect with many who are joining their ministry team through prayer and financial support. The Campos newsletter was sent out yesterday.

Getting Ready to Go April 30, 2014

Carlo & Elma Pana "Getting Ready to Go!" sounds like something every missionary says often. For Pat and Michelle Kilgo and family it is especially true. They are leaving May 7 for a SE Asia country. Pat recently wrote, "Please pray for our preparations. We made a list of things to do a mile long today..." As the Kilgo family begins a new life and ministry, please follow them with your prayers for a bountiful harvest as they seek to share the gospel with receptive people, and to plant their first grace church. Pray for suitable housing, and their four kids as they have busy schedules this summer and a new school to adjust to in the fall.

Kids Hearing the Gospel for First Time April 29, 2014

xavierIn many countries around the world a person lives their entire life without once hearing a gospel presentation. However, the tragic reality is that many in the United States have never heard the gospel even once. Bob and Beth Xavier have been ministering to kids who would otherwise fall into this category. To address this need, for the past 13 years they have been privileged to develop, direct and instruct the Grace Martial Arts Bible Club classes in the Greater Tampa Bay area, and to minister throughout each week to nearly 250 children and teens. Most of these students with whom they work never before have read the Bible, memorized Scripture, heard a Gospel challenge or received Christ Jesus as Savior. Please read the Xavier’s current newsletter and pray for this important ministry.

Teaching Faithful Men to Teach Others April 28, 2014

South Africa“We have a vision to plant 20 churches in 20 strategic places by 2020,” writes Dean Padayhag. This is exciting news coming from Dean and Sheba who are encouraged that many in their South African field are committed to evangelism, planting new churches and training future leaders. Eight new pastors, ordinary church members and Bible school students are training and being trained for this mission and 20/20 vision. To learn more how to knowledgeably pray for this growing church planting ministry, read Padayhag’s April newsletter.

Status: In a relationship with GodApril 28, 2014

PhilippineSixteen young men and women came forward at the end of the last message of the National Grace Youth conference in Davao City, Philippines to acknowledge their desire and commitment to take the gospel to the unreached beyond the borders of their own country. Missionary Nathan Killion gave the closing challenge to over 300 young people who came from across the country to attend the four-day conference with the theme, Status: In a Relationship with God. Nathan writes, "God is good! Let's keep praying that the Lord of the harvest will send out these and others as workers into His harvest."

Church Growth through Evangelism April 14, 2014

James and Agape "Pastor James and Agape Bermejo at Valenzuela City church in Manila invited me to teach SS and church. In the afternoon they had an hour of evangelism for which they had prepared and practiced for two months. They divided us into six groups and I was with the group which stayed in the church and prayed for the others. Men, women and youth were involved. After one hour the groups came back and reported. Thirteen people accepted Christ as Savior! I was quite amazed.They got the contact info for everyone and will follow up this week and invite them to church on Sunday. James and Agape are very active and I am praying they will be TCM missionaries," Ben wrote on his second day in the Philippines.

See What the Lord is Doing in Mombasa April 14, 2014

Carlo & Elma PanaKenya Coast Ministry Centre of Mombasa, Kenya is about to have its own home. Pastor Peter Kagwi and Director Titus Kivilu met with the seller of the land. Together they confirmed the papers at the county offices. Next day the surveyor came to show them the beacons and do the subdivision. Because of generous donors from the States, all the money was raised and sent and the transfer of ownership of the property is nearly completed. To learn about God’s work in Mombasa, read the Coast Ministry report for Kenya.

“Today after the service the church members and national Director Titus went and prayed together at our proposed piece of property. Everyone is excited with what the Lord is doing,” writes Pastor Peter.

Please Pray for TCM Director April 10, 2014

As you read the travel schedule for Ben Anderson, please remember him and the people he is ministering to in SE Asia. Your prayers can make a difference in bringing about God's will in encouraging the ministers in these countries to be burdened and bold for spreading the gospel.

Leaving tomorrow for 7 weeks of international ministry: April 11-27 in the Philippines; April 28 to May 7 in North Indonesia; May 8-11 in Dubai, UAE; May 12-13 in Jakarta, Indonesia; May 14-15 in Singapore and May 16-26 in Malaysia. My trip culminates with the 2nd SE Asia Grace Conference in Kuala Lumpur. Ministries include conferences, interviews, seminars, church meetings, church anniversaries, commissioning and planning meetings. May God give us wisdom to establish firm plans to engage the remaining four SE Asian countries where TCM does not yet work. I'll see some of you very soon. Thanks for your prayers! -Ben

Grace Churches Are Multiplying April 8, 2014

Carlo & Elma Pana Nine of the 23 TCM ministry districts in the Philippines planted 23 new churches from January 2013 to March 2014. This was recently reported by the supervising ministers of these districts. At last year’s conference in Manila, 20 new churches were reported planted from January 2012 to March 2013. With this 23 new churches this year, the total number of TCM Grace churches in the Philippines is now 465, from 442 last year. What a blessing from the Lord - a good reason to rejoice in Him, indeed! -Field Director Jun Pielago

Salvation Camps in MyanmarApril 4, 2014

Graduates Pastor Kenneth Ling has formed the Grace Gospel Churches of Myanmar and is visiting the churches which wish to join up. On March 23 he dedicated Pastor Hla Thaung's church. This month they will conduct three salvation camps where they will teach people about the Bible and salvation by grace through faith. Pray for Pastor Kenneth and the men and women who are working together to proclaim God's wonderful grace to the Burmese people. Pastor Kenneth & Eunice and two other pastors from Myanmar will be attending the Southeast Asia Grace Conference in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

A Visit to Christ’s Disciples Church March 28, 2014

Graduates Christ’s Disciples Church is a Pentecostal congregation located in Benoni, a couple of kilometers away from Modderbee Prison. Pastor Mpho Manyemane serves as the senior pastor of the church. Pastor Petros Dlamini, a new graduate of GBBS has been ministering to him with the Grace message. His desire to learn more and his hunger for truth made him decide to enroll at the Bible school. He shares his new found faith to his thriving congregation during prayer meetings and Sunday morning services. On March 22 he introduced Dean and Sheba to the congregation and asked Dean to teach about dispensations. Pastor Manyemane and his congregation have decided to affiliate with the Association of Berean Grace Ministries in South Africa (ABGMSA).

First ABGMSA Leadership Summit March 27, 2014

Graduates Forty leaders from different churches and ministries of the Association of Berean Grace Ministries in South Africa participated in a recently concluded 1st Leadership Summit. The historic event was held at Rocky Valley Christian Camp and Retreat Center on March 21-22. Positions, job descriptions, finances, local and national ministries were the prime topics of the lectures. Delegates were able to discuss, ask questions and share biblical and practical guidelines during the open forums. Physical exercises, mountain climbing, planting a cross at the summit and morning devotion near the clouds were life-transforming experiences to add on to the exciting seminar. A follow-up Church Growth Seminar will be held on May 1 in Kempton Park.

Bible School Building Completed March 26, 2014

Graduates We praise God for the completion of the first Bible School building!! What a blessing it is for the Kenya Grace Bible Church ministry. I wish to convey deep appreciation and thanks first to the almighty God and to all His faithful servants who liberally gave donations toward this project through TCM. Special thanks to the TCM Executive Dir Ben Anderson for his tireless effort toward this valuable project. This first Bible School building provides an opportunity to start an advanced Bible School training, “Kenya Grace School of Ministry” which started in Feb. 2014 with training in advanced Bible Theology, Ministry and Leadership to church leaders and ministers. We have reserved one room for the Grace Bible Church national office. We are however requesting prayers and trusting God to provide for some few more facilities that we need to be able to accommodate the students during class modules for the advance training. -Director Titus Kivilu

Graduation Day for 52 Ministry Students March 25, 2014

Graduates “These young workers underwent four years of training for the ministry. The new graduates will join 600 pastors and Bible women who are already serving the Lord under various departments of the Mission. About 85 percent of TCM workers are involved in ministry activities in the field, while about 15 percent are involved in ministry activities through the various Mission departments: Field, Finance, IGBI (Bible schools), Radio, Youth, Missions, Literature, and Children.” -Field Director Jun Pielago, Philippines

Violence Strikes Mombasa March 24, 2014

KenyaThe Indian Ocean coast of Kenya is 50% Muslim. For many decades the area has been peaceful. Recently, that has begun to change. Pastor Peter Kagwi, who plants Grace churches at the coast, reports, "Brethren, continue to pray for Mombasa and Christianity in general. The Devil is against the gospel being preached. Yesterday a church was attacked by terrorists who were armed with guns. They started shooting and six people are said to have been killed. One of them was the assistant pastor who was leading the worship service. About 15 people were seriously injured. Pray that God will bring peace and harmony within the region."

Pastor Peter Kagwi-Kenya: Tana Delta Training Begins March 19, 2014

Pastor PeterThe one-week intensive training at Tana Delta-North Coast of Kenya kicked off with seven students plus one diploma graduate who actively taught. A special blessing was Yussuf, formerly Muslim and 'by religion only' a Christian who joyfully shouted out after studies: "This is the day of my salvation!" Yussuf plays guitar and sings with his wife and also drew dispensational charts for classwork. Peter is thankful for the camping tent provided for his use during study and rest times. Next intensive training is planned for 9th-15th June.

Recognize - Refocus - Reposition March 12, 2014

Luz Gaddi Missionary Luz Gaddi commends the Nakuru Church in Kenya for recently holding discussions about how members can discover their talents and then deploy them in ministry. Luz continues traveling extensively, bouncing over the potholes in the roads, to teach the importance of the Christian Home in 1-3 day seminars at Kisumu, Nakuru, and Dandora, Nairobi. Pastor Stanley expressed his joy to meet a missionary focusing on helping Kenyan leaders to see the benefits of reaching out to their children and youth through lessons from Scripture along with question & answer times. More . . .

Celebrating the Chinese New Year March 8, 2014

Chinese New Year Tim & Judy Heath are ministering with Chinese people in Southeast Asia. A missionary must learn the culture of the people, and they were invited to celebrate the Chinese New Year. Tim explains this custom, “Chinese New Year (CNY) is an important traditional Chinese holiday celebrated at the turn of the Chinese calendar. Celebrations run from Chinese New Year's Eve, the last day of the last month of the Chinese calendar, to the Lantern Festival on the 15th day of the first month. CNY is a major holiday for the Chinese, celebrated with firecrackers and . . . More . . .

Serve the Lord with Africa Safari 2014 March 7, 2014

Africa SafariIs it Africa time? Ben & Joyce Anderson will be hosting the Africa Safari 2014 short mission trip to Kenya in East Africa. Our hosts in the country will be missionaries Gardner & Ledith Improso and Kenya Director Titus Kivilu. Our journey will take us to churches in the highlands of central Kenya, including Thika where our headquarters and Bible school are located. Temperatures are cool, the people are friendly and the Lord is blessing the ministry. The planned dates are July 23 through August 7. Karibu! More . . .

Dwight Anderson and Prison Mission Association February 26, 2014

Dwight Anderson TCM congratulates Pastor Dwight Anderson on taking the directorship of Prison Mission Association (PMA). TCM and PMA have been cooperating in ministry for several decades. Our first contact in Kenya was an evangelist who was taking PMA Bible courses. Vernon & Darlene Anderson assisted PMA in setting up a Bible school and church planting program in Cameroon. The past two directors of PMA were former TCM missionaries: Don Sommer and Joe Campos. Dwight is well-qualified for his new role and we look forward to more partnership in taking the gospel of grace to the regions beyond. Dwight’s bio . . .

Heath and Maraat Teaching Leaders in Myanmar February 25, 2014

Myanmar Tim Heath and Genesis Maraat are in Yangon, Myanmar for a week of teaching the leaders of the Grace Gospel Churches of Myanmar. Pastor Kenneth writes, “God is so good! 30 trainees join with us every day. We will have Church Dedication on Friday evening and the Lord's Supper on Sunday morning (2nd March). We are really excited to hear the real doctrine of our Grace Church.” Genesis reports, “Tim arrived on Saturday and immediately started teaching. He taught the whole day Monday. Today I taught the whole morning and part of the afternoon. We are excited for what God is doing here in Myanmar. We do really appreciate your prayers for the new TCM work in Myanmar. To the praise of the glory of His grace!” Nathan Killion and Ben Anderson taught the last seminar in October 2013.

Shining Brightly in Cambodia February 21, 2014

Cambodia Map Team Cambodia knows that the lives of the Cambodians are worthy of eternal life and they are actively being a light in two of the largest cities in this Buddhist country, the capital of Phnom Penh and Siem Reap. Please continue to pray for Pastor Ariel and Faith Mahilum and Myra Omictin in their plan to plant churches as they develop relationships, lead Bible studies and look for opportunities to share Jesus Christ. Read their current newsletters and make a commitment to pray for them.

After 12 Years, A Church is Planted!February 13, 2014

Chiang Mai On February 9th, the first Grace Church in Thailand held its first worship service. Genesis & Verna Maraat started praying for this church 12 years ago while serving in Kenya. In 2008 the Maraats and Killions moved to Chiang Mai and began learning the language and sharing the love of Christ. Genesis reports, “Thank you all for praying. It was indeed a historic beginning. Two years ago on the second week of February we started our house fellowship once a month. Last year we started meeting twice a month. Last Sunday was also the second Sunday of February and we started our Sunday worship. May Grace Church (คริสตจักร พระคุณ) - Sansai, Chiang Mai, Thailand continue to grow until the Rapture!”

SEA Conference Approaches February 10, 2014

Kuala Lumpur Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia will be the venue for the 2nd Southeast Asia Grace Conference to be held on May 22-26. Visitors are expected from at least a dozen countries in Southeast Asia and beyond. TCM has the stated goal of establishing a grace church in every country of SEA. Activities will include challenges from the Word, planning seminars, strategy discussions, fellowship and sight-seeing. Main speakers will be Nathan Killion (pioneering missionary to Thailand), Ariel Mahilum (leader of Team Cambodia), James Bermejo (church planter and pastor in Manila, Philippines) and Ben Anderson (director of TCM). All TCM missionaries from SEA will be present. Why not join us and make some new friends while learning about what God is doing in SEA? More . . .

Seven New Church Plants in South Africa February 9, 2014

Dean and Sheba have announced planting season in the South African field and everyone knows that means lots of work and long hours. Seven new churches have been targeted and the leaders will be commissioned on March 2. Please pray for this work that there will be a great harvest of people reached with the gospel, lives transformed and growing in love and good works, and that these churches will multiply across this vast African country. To read more about this church planting ministry, check out their latest prayer letter of January 2014.

Get EXITEd in the Philippines February 4, 2014

People are signing up for a historic journey to the Philippines to assist with relief efforts in the aftermath of Super Typhoon Haiyan. Described as the most powerful storm ever recorded, Haiyan destroyed or damaged 21 of TCM's grace churches. We have already sent $20,000 for emergency relief and rebuilding efforts. Now you have a chance to get involved in person. The EXITE trip is a joint ministry between TCM, Grace Ministries International, Grace Gospel Fellowship and Grace Bible College. Designed primarily for high school through college students, EXITE will not only relieve the suffering of our Filipino brothers and sisters, but will allow God to speak to you through a new people and experience. More . . .

New Training Center on the Tana River Delta February 3, 2014

Tana RiverPastor Peter Kagwi heads up the Coast Grace Team headquartered in Mombasa, Kenya. He writes, “Our Bible School opened on 16th Jan. 2014. The training is in progress. The first week of February we shall have one week of intensive training for the newly founded Bible Training Centre at Tana River Delta. It is our prayer that this training will spread the gospel of the grace of God along the 333-mile Kenya coast.” Pastor Peter reports that 50 students have already been trained at least one year in the Berean Grace School of Ministries. More . . .

Staff for Grace International School January 17, 2014

Carlo & Elma Pana TCM missionary kids in Thailand attend Grace International School in Chiang Mai, Thailand. Their recruiting coordinator writes, "I want you to know of the different staff openings that we have for our 2014-15 school year. It is amazing to see all of the different people that God sends to us each year. Right now we have many Thai and foreign staff working at our school who are talented and Christlike. I am very confident in God that this will continue in the years ahead. Here are some of our staff needs for next year. Taking 2-3 minutes right now to look at the whole list and pray for us would be such a huge help. And it would quiet your soul. :)" More...

Philippine National Conference in Bohol in 2014 January 14, 2014

Carlo & Elma Pana The Philippine Grace churches hold an annual conference each year in a different location. On April 15-18, 2014 the conference will be held in Tagbilaran City on the island of Bohol. Field Director Jun Pielago sends a welcome, “Enjoy in Tagbilaran City the company of Grace Believers from the 23 TCM Ministry Districts of Luzon, Visayas, and Mindanao for three full days of sharing ministry experiences, knowing what God is doing in the various phases of the ministry in the Philippines, learning together of new ideas to expand the ministry, encouraging one another, igniting vision, and renewing of commitment to common ministry goals. Conference Registration Fee is P1,500.”

Campos Family Prepares for BrazilJanuary 1, 2014

Campos FamilyWe are happy to welcome Joe & Michelle Campos and family back to active missionary status as of January 1, 2014. The Camposes have been on leave for two and a half years in Grand Rapids, Michigan. Joe has been serving as the Director of Prison Mission Association and Michelle has continued to be a leader of “Project Abba” in Recife. The Campos family will use 2014 for deputation with the plan of moving to Recife by the end of this year. In Brazil the Camposes will be working with the training of pastors/church planters, church planting and with "Project ABBA," the ministry they founded to serve underprivileged children. Their request, “We appreciate your prayers in our behalf and we hope to see some of you as we travel the country :)” More . . .

Our Salvation Draws NearerJanuary 1, 2014

2014A heartfelt Happy New Year to all of our TCM friends. Apostle Paul wrote, “And do this, understanding the present time. The hour has come for you to wake up from your slumber, because our salvation is nearer now than when we first believed.” Our salvation is secure through our faith in Christ, yet we are still waiting for that great day when our redemption will be complete. Thank you for all that you do to proclaim the wonderful gospel of God’s grace to our generation. The world needs the Savior Jesus Christ now more than ever. Let us give of ourselves to make 2014 “the day of salvation” for those who have no hope.

Killions Reminisce on 5 Years in Thailand December 9, 2013

KillionNathan & Jessica Killion are celebrating five years since they arrived in Chiang Mai, Thailand as new missionaries: We give thanks to the Lord for what He has done in and through us in this time. During the last five years, the Lord has helped us (1) adjust to Thai culture, (2) learn the Thai language, (3) understand how to best share the gospel with the Thai people, (4) build friendships and discover avenues for sharing our faith with Thai university students, (5) establish and help lead a Thai fellowship group. By the way, in February, this group will begin meeting weekly on Sunday mornings!

Deb Pielago Prepares for Hip Surgery December 3, 2013

Deb Pielago Deb Pielago, wife of TCM-Philippines Field Director Jun Pielago, has been experiencing severe hip and back pain. The doctors are preparing a complete hip replacement. Pastor Pielago writes: This week (Dec. 2-7) is a crucial week for Deb’s hip replacement operation. She was supposed to begin confinement yesterday at the Chong Hua Hospital here in Cebu City, but her doctor moved the date to Dec. 2, that is today. The pre-operation period will re-check her physical health condition before the actual surgery. The surgical operation could take place anytime from Dec. 3 to Dec. 5. We know you are praying. Thank you. God bless you!

December 10 Update from Pastor Jun Pielago:

We are happy to inform you that Deb is now relieved from physical pains that she has been suffering from since 2011!

She is now home and normally recuperating from the surgery.The doctor and physical therapist carefully coached her on how to do proper exercises. Our God is truly great! He has used people and reminded us that He intervenes through medical science to effect maximum results in the surgery! We are overflowing with joy and gratefulness to the LORD for His super abounding grace and for using you and many of His people to pray, encourage, and share their hard-earned money for Deb’s very successful surgery!

Graduation and Conference on the Kenya Coast December 2, 2013

Mombasa Pastor Peter Kagwi has a busy December planned in Mombasa on the Indian Ocean coast of Kenya: The graduation for the Berean Grace School of Ministries the 6th of December. TCM Representative Gardner Improso will be the guest speaker. He will be accompanied by the Director Titus Kivilu and Chairman Samuel Mwangi of Grace Bible Church. The Coast Region Bible Conference will be on the 7th and 8th of December. Grace believers from the eight Coast Grace Churches are expected to attend. Our guest speakers are Pastor Titus Kivilu, Missionary Gardner Improso, and Pastor Samuel Mwangi.

500 Packs Distributed to Typhoon Victims November 26, 2013

Philippine flag "This number was distributed to TCM churches in northern Cebu (Tabogon, Sunog, Poro, and Villahermosa), Leyte (Palompon, Jordan, Lanipga, Hibulangan, Campurog, Matlang, Honan, Manticaa, and Ormoc City), Biliran Island, and Negros Occidental (Molocaboc Island) immediately after super typhoon Yolanda/Haiyan hit these areas. The distribution of assorted food items is Plan A of helping our typhoon-victim brethren. Under Plan B of the Mission’s leadership is the allocation of certain amount to help the repairs/reconstructions of the damaged church buildings. And Plan C may be also considered to extend little financial assistance for repairs of damaged houses of church members. Plans B and C will depend on the availability of funds. We are grateful to the Lord for the churches and members of the Cebu Ministry District who immediately responded to the call of distributing packs of assorted food items for our brethren who were then suffering from hunger. The Mission’s leadership is also grateful to the Lord for the financial assistance from the various concerned Grace local communities in the Philippines and individuals abroad." Pastor Pielago, Field Director

Souls Won in Rwanda November 25, 2013

Rwanda mapPastor Titus Kivilu writes, "Today is our last day in Kigali-Rwanda. we are leaving tomorrow at 5.30am and will stop at Mbale in Uganda to visit a friend from Kenya. We are thankful to God for the opportunity to share love to the people here. Yesterday we visited two churches which are in the southern part of Rwanda. Eighteen people came to know Jesus Christ as their personal savior at the two meeting. Today we had very wonderful service in Grace Bible Church -Kigali which was filled with praises to God from believers for the opportunity to hear the word of God and especially learning th Grace message. I thank every one for keeping us in prayers"

Grace Gospel Church of Christ, Molocaboc Island November 19, 2013

House of Worship of the Grace Gospel Church of Christ in the island of Molocaboc, Sagay, Negros Occidental. This was destroyed by the recent super typhoon Yolanda/Haiyan last November 8, 2013. Attached are pictures of the church and pictures of the relief effort organized at the Grace Church in Carlock, Cebu City

Eyewitness Report from the Philippines November 18, 2013

This latest summarized report was gathered from the reports sent by TCM Supervising Ministers Ben Sausa (Leyte), Jessie Crescencio (Cebu), Ortes Condrillon (Southwestern Luzon), and Noel Sanchez (pastor of the GGCC, Molocaboc Island (Negros Occidental). The list is attached.

Typhoon Update from Pastor Cadeliña November 14, 2013

Typhoon Yolanda/Haiyan has destroyed many properties in Leyte, Northern Cebu, Northern Negros, Northern Iloilo and part of Palawan. More than 2000 confirmed dead, more than 2000 were injured and many peoples' body are not yet retrieved. An estimated ten thousand lives were killed. On TV two municipal mayors cried for help for their people. Almost all Northern Leyte municipalities were destroyed. Many hospitals were closed due to no electricity and no medicines. No food, no electricity, destroyed bridges and roads. Looting is happening in some big stores in Tacloban City due to people's hunger, no shelter and no clothing, no water. Government's help was delayed in so many places. Good that a USA military ship has arrived from Japan to help distribute goods and help in the retrieval operations. Many international humanitarian communities have sent-in their help and personnel. I hope that it will reach the victims soon.

The Grace Pastors and Members no lives were lost but their properties and church buildings were destroyed. They lack food. Negros members in Molocaboc Island contacted me that the new church was destroyed as well as the houses of members. They just hope that many will help them. Until now only Cebu Church has sent help. Tonight Pastor Lamberte and member Elmer Mosquite will take a boat to take the goods to Tacloban City. The problem is that only 900 policemen were deployed there to help in the peace and order because the Leyte policemen themselves are in trauma with their family members being killed and some of their property destroyed. Yesterday, when I talked to Pastor Pielago he said as a problem they have is it is hard for them to reach the members because when they reach the port people are waiting there to be helped. Some people lost their good sense if they will not receive something. Hope that there is order now in the city.

Typhoon Haiyan/Yolanda Update November 13, 2013

The following churches (21 of them) and members of these churches are heavily suffering from the onslaught of Super Typhoon Haiyan: Tabogon, Poro, Sunog, Villahermosa (Cebu); Molocaboc 1 & 2 (Neg. Occidental); Lanipga, Jordan, Hibulangan, Camporog, Palompon, Matlang, Honan, Ormoc 1 & 2, Mahaplag, Bato, Anahawan, Canipaan, Tacloban (Leyte); and, Idupoy (Palawan).

As an initial move to help these suffering brethren, we are raising forty thousand pesos ($1000) until Sunday for 300 packs of assorted food items (rice, noodles, sardines, water), including used clothing, to be distributed to 300 families of the 20 affected churches in Cebu, Neg. Occidental, and Leyte. P10k is already on hand. The brethren of the Cebu City church in Carlock began sorting the supplies last night for delivery and distribution. We have circulated an appeal to individual members and churches here in the Philippines. Any amount is deeply appreciated to help our less fortunate brethren.

TCM Churches & Families Affected by Typhoon Yolanda/HaiyanNovember 12, 2013

1. Tacloban City - church building totally damaged; houses of church members totally destroyed. 2. Molocaboc, Sagay, Neg. Occidental - church building totally damaged; houses of church members partially destroyed. 3. Idupoy, Algiceras, Cuyo Island, Palawan - church building severely damaged; houses of church members partially destroyed. 4. Houses of families of the following congregations were partially damaged: a. Tabogon, Cebu province; b. Anahawan, Southern Leyte; c. Canipaan, Hinunangan, Southern Leyte; d. Lanioga, Villaba, Leyte; e. Jordan, Villaba, Leyte; f. Palompon, Leyte; and, g. Ormoc city. About 35 families from these congregations were severely affected.

This report is only partial. We are doing our best here in Cebu to extend help. Two brothers from Cebu City are now prepared to bring assorted supplies of food for the brethren in Tacloban, but the main problem is how to get to the place of Pastor Gil Carangue. The group here in Cebu is holding a meeting tonight to finalize plans. Please continue praying. (Pastor Jun Pielago)

Philippines Forms Mission Department October 18, 2013

Globe For many years Things to Come Mission has been receiving the majority of our missionaries from thriving Grace churches in the Philippines. Praise the Lord that they have now formed a mission department. Field Director Jun Pielago reports, "A planning group of seven members (Ruth Improso, Faith Mahilum, Gerson Bermejo, Ariel Mahilum, Ronnie Plale, Sr., Eufracio Pielago, Jr., and Francisco Sanchez, Jr.) met on October 11-12 to discuss the creation of a new department of TCM which would take concern of both home and foreign mission activities. Under this new department is a training school for missionary candidates. The department will be known as “Missions Department” and the training school – “Grace Theological Center for Missions (G-TCM). The proposal will be presented at the meeting of the TCM Board in Cagayan de Oro City on November 5-6 for approval."

Earthquake in Bohol and Cebu October 17, 2013

earthquakePray for the people who are suffering from the earthquake in the central Philippines. Field Director Jun Pielago writes, "Latest media report says the “7.2 magnitude earthquake smashed mainly Bohol and Cebu, toppling bridges, tearing down centuries-old churches and triggering landslides that engulfed homes . . . Death toll surpassed 150 and more than 3 million people were affected.” We are grateful to the Lord that none of our TCM members suffered casualty. Bohol Supervising Minister Vernon Batabat reports, "By the grace of God, the members texted that they are okay, including our churches." In Cebu City, however, the front and back portion of the walls of our church building in Carlock partly collapsed. Leaders of the Cebu church have asked an engineer to determine the present strength of the building structure to ensure safety for the members."

Director Titus Kivilu Appreciates Africa Safari 2013 October 16, 2013

Kenyans praying Director Titus Kivilu writes about the Africa Safari 2013 journey in July and August: "The Africa Safari Team 2013, though a small team did a credible work in both spiritual and physical ministries. Ben taught leaders seminars and preached uncountable messages in different churches and fellowships. Despite the hard cough that got him, his teachings and messages were so powerful and touching. Brandon and Van tirelessly and vigorously shared their testimonies, taught children and youth lessons in various churches. The Africa Safari also worked in Bible School roofing project in Thika carrying timbers to the site, sawing them and making the trusses for the roof. We praise God that the roofing is completed and are looking forward to finishing soon. Our visit to Amani Children home with the Africa Safaris in Nairobi gave us another big opportunity to serve by attending to vulnerable children. Thank you Ben, Van and Brandon for your love and sacrificial service!"

Expanding the Gospel in Southeast Asia October 9, 2013

Director Ben Anderson reports: On October 21 I fly again to Southeast Asia. I'll begin with short visits to Singapore and Malaysia and then to Myanmar with Nathan Killion. This will be our second survey of Myanmar. Pray that on this trip we can establish some permanent plans and a strong working relationship with our new friends. Another highlight will be to take our newest missionary candidates, Maruli & Yokhe Marpaung from Indonesia, on an exposure trip to Laos and Cambodia as possible fields of service. I'll end with a ministry visit to Chiang Mai, Thailand where the Maraats and Killions are starting to see positive responses to the message of the gospel. Thank you for your prayers and partnership in what God is doing in SE Asia. I'll be back on November 15.

"We Have a Missionary God!" October 7, 2013

“Joyce Anderson’s Philippine visit was significant and vision-casting! Her heart is for Missions and her spirit for it is very contagious. Her three-week visit in September has stirred up many hearts of both young and old for Missions. The materials she prepared were Bible-centered and easily understood. The power point presentation on the ministries of the various TCM fields and target countries in Southeast Asia (Cambodia, Thailand, Laos, Myanmar, and Vietnam), Kenya, Uganda, South Africa, and Brazil was informative, well-illustrated, full of challenge, and stimulating! The cry for help to get involved in Missions (written by the missionaries representing different fields) was straight forward, challenging, and heart-moving. Joyce’s visit, however brief, has impacted many lives for Missions and is worth-doing again!” wrote Pastor Jun Pielago. Pictured are IGBI-Tagum students reading TCM's "Meet the Family" directory.

Increasing Our Passion to Reach the Lost October 7, 2013

Africa SafariKenya Director Titus Kivilu writes, “The churches in Kenya need to set their sight on the regions beyond. This is the truth and it is my prayer that in the very near future Grace Bible Church-Kenya will have matured enough to send missionaries out to the surrounding unreached countries. I am so much talking about outreach. The horrible incident that happened couple days ago in Nairobi at Westgate Mall where scores of people lost their lives, some of whom do not know Christ, increases our passion to reach the lost before they can meet the Lord. Let's be in prayer about reaching the north that God may open to us the door of opportunity.” Pictured are Ben, Brandon, Van, Titus and Gardner

Pastor Titus Request Prayer for Church Planting Efforts October 4, 2013

Carlo & Elma Pana Kenya Director Titus Kivilu reports: Tonight Pastor Stanley and I are traveling to Kisumu to teach in the Grace Pastoral Training (GPT) classes. I'm excited to meet a new contact by the name of Silas Ochieng' from Chemilil who is interested in starting a Bible class in his place. I will have a special time to share the grace message with him. We will plan the way forward after our discussion. Put this in your prayer items that God will open this chance for the gospel to reach in this new place. Thanks for your prayers for the new church plant in Kiritiri. Pastor Hudson has a good building and he is doing evangelism every week and sending me encouraging reports.Church planting in Kiritiri, Kenya

Traveling Mercies August 19, 2013

airplane We are happy to have the Africa Safari team back in the US after an extra week in Kenya, due to the fire at the international airport. Verna, Andrea and Josiah Maraat are back in Thailand to start the school year. Please continue to pray for Genesis as he stayed behind for 3 months. Ben Anderson arrives today from his trip to Kenya and Uganda.

Mahilums Bid Goodbye in Cambodia August 8, 2013

MahilumPastor Ariel, Faith & Pauline Mahilum are in the Philippines for their 3-month furlough. They bid goodbye to their flocks in Cambodia temporarily, of course, with heavy hearts. After six years in Phnom Penh, they felt God leading them to start planting a new church in Siem Reap (2nd largest Cambodian city). Myra Omictin, together with Pastor Srouch & Chhron, will lead the ministries in capital city Phnom Penh and Takaeo Province in Mahilums' absence.

Kenya On Fire August 7, 2013

Kenya "Since July 23 exciting visits to four of 15 new Grace churches planted in two years. Brandon & Van (Safari 2013) made giant leaps in testimonies & Bible lessons, enjoying Kenyans' culture. They expected to leave Wednesday. Unfortunately, Nairobi Airport immigration/arrivals buildings were destroyed in a 4-hour blaze. Since it handles 60,000 passengers daily...chaos reigns. Titus & I fly to Uganda tomorrow to meet Grace believers with a full schedule prepared. Pray all will get sorted out, for God to be glorified in whatever part we complete despite chest congestion and coughing. God is good...all the time!" - Ben Anderson

New Grace Church Plant in Central Celebes, Indonesia July 26, 4013

Carlo & Elma PanaPastor Amirudin praises for two evangelistic and revival teaching successes with Team Grace Mission Ministry (team of 9 leaders including one blind and one midget). At Kolonodale (12 hrs travel from Palu) 20 finished the dispensational lessons. At Mayoa Pendolo (10 hrs) 1000 joined the two seminars: Totally Saved & Eternal Security in Christ Jesus. Hundreds received Jesus, including three Moslems. TCM core values are Evangelism, Church Planting and Leadership Training.

Biennial Conference to be Held August 15-17 in ThikaJuly 9, 2013

Kenya The Grace Bible Churches of Kenya will hold their 2013 Biennial Grace Conference on August 15-17 this year at the YMCA in Thika. Director Titus Kivilu writes, “This is a great opportunity for all grace believers to come together to worship the Lord, build up one another and replenish our souls with the Word of God centered on the theme “Fruitful Christian Life and Ministry.” We are blessed and honored to have the TCM-USA Exec. Director; Rev. Ben Anderson as our Main Guest Speaker.

Africa Safari 2013 Prepares for Kenya July 8, 2013

Africa SafariOn July 23, 2013, TCM Director Ben Anderson will head up the Africa Safari team as they go to Kenya, East Africa. Kenya Director Titus Kivilu writes, "The Africa Safari team will visit and minister in Meru Region, Embu, Thika and Nairobi. The ministries and activities include: Pastor’s seminars, working to complete the Bible School building in Thika, personal witnessing, children and youth ministries, Bible studies and fellowships. Our prayers are with them for safe travel and to be used of Him on their trip to Africa." The Safari team will return home on August 8, while Ben remains for the national conference.

Preparing Workers for the HarvestJune 30, 2013

Carlo & Elma PanaPhilippine Field Director Jun Pielago reports that 206 students are enrolled in the Philippine Bible schools for the 2013-2014 school year. He continues, "The following numbers of students have enrolled for the present schoolyear: Tagum City (Calixto Fermantes) – 95; Ozamiz (Noli Ongos) - 71; Bataan (Dan Banac) - 23; and Cauayan (Cecilio Blas) - 17. Out of this number, 49 interns are assigned in TCM churches ministering under the supervision of senior pastors. Every year IGBI graduates become recognized TCM pastors and Bible women during the national conference. The Negros Bible Training Center under Pastor Oseas Elentorio is on its second year of operation with 14 students. Please pray for the needs of our IGBI campuses with their directors, faculty members, and students."

Kenya Director Ministers at the Coast June 29, 2013

Mombasa Grace Church Pastor Titus Kivilu, National Director of Grace Bible Church and his wife Jemimah have been very busy ministering with Pastor & Mrs. Peter in Mombasa. The Director helped in teaching in our Bible School every morning and each afternoon we visited at least one church. By the end of one week he managed to teach one short subject and visit all seven Grace Churches at the coast. His wife had a very productive moment of sharing with the Women of Grace Fellowship (WGF) in Mombasa. We thank God that the churches in this region had a good time of fellowship with our national leader.

Church Planting Begins on Marinduque IslandJune 28, 2013

Philippines Pastor Norsie Lanzaderas has just returned from his first ministry trip to Marinduque Island, a part of the Luzon group of islands, to plant Grace churches. Although TCM has had members living on this island for many years, in 2013 the Central Luzon churches made a project to support a church-planting effort. On June 17 they commissioned church planter Pastor Norsie and sent him off on a new motorcycle with their prayer and support. Lanzaderas reports, "Good news, we have started a worship service already last Sunday with 6 adults 3 young people and 8 children." He also reports of a second fellowship started in another town. Please pray for contacts, leaders and church supplies as this fledgling ministry takes off.

Souls Saved During Church Launch June 28, 2013

Kenya "We had a very blessed evangelistic mission and launching of Grace church at Gikoe Murang'a," Kenya Director Titus Kivilu writes. "There were souls saved every day in the three days we were there. The church was filled to capacity yesterday (though the hall is small). About 20 people from Gikoe attended and enjoyed worshiping and learning the Word of God together with us. Thank you for being with us in prayers."

The Harvest Begins in Thailand June 24, 2013

Carlo & Elma Pana "We are thankful for the privilege to serve our Lord in Thailand. We went to Thailand in May 2008 and God has opened doors for us to share the gospel to the Thai Buddhist. Our Grace English Center is going along very well. Children are coming to learn English and some few parents. University students are also coming. We are using “English” as a tool...

TCM Attends the Berean Bible Fellowship Conference June 20, 2013

Carlo & Elma Pana The Berean Bible Fellowship hosts a Bible conference in Cedar Lake, IN each year. This year TCM was well-represented by the Kilgo family (missionary candidates), the Maraat family (Thailand), Director Ben & Joyce Anderson, Joe & Pauline Watkins, Darlene Anderson and TCM President Doug & Sonja Cox. Besides enjoying fellowship within the TCM family, we met many new and old friends and were challenged by the action-oriented messages we heard. Former TCM missionary Ed Bedore was the daily Bible teacher and gave a stirring challenge about using the Grace message to evangelize the lost. Missionary candidate Pat Kilgo preached on the final morning of the conference.

Philippines Plants 20 Grace Churches in One Year June 11, 2013

Philippines Philippines Field Director Eufracio Pielago writes that 20 TCM Grace churches were planted between January 2012 and March 2013. He explains, "Each of these new churches has met the Mission’s criteria for a standard church, namely: membership of the group should have at least 15 members at least 18 years of age; the group should have regular weekly church services and has an organized set of officers." The Philippine churches set a goal in 2012 of planting 115 churches in five years to add to the 429 churches which were registered at that time. Both Pielago and Executive Director Gerson Bermejo have stated that this goal is very attainable.

Jesus Loves the Little Children June 6, 2013

Carlo & Elma Pana “Knowing Christ” was the theme of this summer's VBS in Bai Pai village, Cambodia. Eighty-eight children and youth who attended were divided into 4 groups according to age level. For 3 days Team Cambodia explained that Jesus Christ is the only one who saves. They heard about the Lord's death, burial and resurrection. Please pray for these dear ones as they continue to learn about the living God that they will put their faith and trust in Him.

A Seed Grows After 20 Years June 5, 2013

Kenya Our prayer in ministry is that the Word of God will always produce fruit in lives. Sometimes results take time. Director Titus writes from Kenya about a new church being planted 20 years after its new pastor first learned the grace message from studying the PMA Bible correspondence courses he received from Jessie Easterly. For more on this new church plant...

TCM Pioneer Visits Home Office June 4, 2013

Jessie Easterly Jessie Easterly delighted us with a visit to the TCM home office for our Tuesday prayer meeting. Although Jessie and her late husband Herbert Palmer started the mission back in 1956 she had never seen the new headquarters and was praying she could make the trip out to Indianapolis. God answered her prayer and in May she traveled by train with her daughter Ruth Rickerby and spent five days with us.

Killions Return to Thailand for Second Term June 3, 2013

Killion On May 11 Nathan, Jessica, Matthias, Abby and Chloe packed up their earthly possessions, boarded Korean Airlines and made the long journey to Chiang Mai, Thailand. They were in the USA since September 1, 2012 visiting churches, friends and family to report on their ministry. Although they enjoyed their time stateside, the kids said they were ready to "go home." The Killions found their house in order except that the well had run dry due to drought. After two weeks of hauling water, they have running water again. The kids were able to get their visas extended. The Killions will continue to focus on the university students and staff while making their home a welcoming place for those who would like to know the salvation and love of Jesus Christ.

Grace Fellowship in Dubai Celebrates One Year May 31, 2013

Carlo & Elma Pana While Miss Kenn Omictin was attending the first Southeast Asia Grace Conference in Bali on May 2-5, 2012, she was challenged to contact all of her friends in Dubai and start a Grace Fellowship. By the end of May the group held their first meeting. Initially they had no pastor, but members volunteered to lead and teach the meetings. Some messages were even preached over Skype from other countries. The fellowship started in an apartment and has now moved to its own location. Pastor Robert Mandin was called to shepherd the flock. Today they are celebrating their first anniversary. Praise the Lord!

Seeking Open Doors and Open Hearts May 23, 2013

Lunga Lunga Pastor Peter Kagwi found many opportunities to share the gospel in the town of Lunga Lunga. While the majority of people in this place live in spiritual darkness, the Light of Christ shone as Peter and his companion communicated the gospel through word and deed. For more on this evangelistic trip...

Kenya Turkana Evangelistic Adventure May 9, 2013

Carlo & Elma Pana The team reached four market centers in North Kenya to start five Grace fellowships in this unreached land of sand and sun. To read Pastor Titus' account see link

Pastor Sagrado Improso, Sr. Transferred to Glory May 6, 2013

Pastor Sagrado Improso, Sr. transferred to Glory May 3rd following long illness and much faithful service. He served TCM since the early 70's as a pioneer worker in Bicol Region, Philippines., using radio and church planting. In the 80's he continued in Agusan Province, Mindanao adding new churches. His intense work included Supervising Minister, Board member, National Treasurer, directing TCM-RP Finance Department. The productive TCM rubber plantation was his "brainchild". His son is a TCM pastor and daughter a medical doctor serving in Cambodia and Philippines. Thank you, Pastor Sagrado, for your life of faithfulness! More

Church Planting Bears Fruit in an Unreached Area of Kenya April 30, 2013

Titus Kivilu Director Titus writes from Kenya that he and Pastors Peter Kagwi, Justin Muriithis and David Anjenjo are in Turkana South ministering with Brother John Ekaliban on the establishing of the first grace church in this unreached area of the country. Together they are teaching a seminar to lay leaders on leading Bible studies, evangelism and encouraging fellowship. After prayerfully planning this ministry, the first service of Grace Church in Kenaodan will be held May 5. Please pray for the fruitful ministry of these servants that they will bear much fruit for God's glory.

Making the Most of Every Opportunity to Teach Christ April 22, 2013

Tim Heath Tim Heath is having a blessed time in the Philippines ministering through teaching. Each night for a week he spoke to nearly 300 young people who attended the annual youth conference with the theme, “Winning, Building, Sending.” He has taught and ministered to several groups including a marriage seminar. Please pray for Tim’s ministry as he finishes his visit and returns home this week.

Touching Lives Through Sunday School Training April 16, 2013

Luz GaddiLuz Gaddi is relocated to Nakuru after successfully completing a one-year Sunday school teacher training program in Mombasa. Pastor Peter Kagwi escorted her to her new ministry working with Pastor Justin and Grace Karuru. There are two churches in Nakuru and Luz divides her time between them as well as traveling to other churches. Luz held a one-day seminar for women where they were involved in active learning about Hannah and Peninah. Please pray for Luz and Grace as they teach Sunday school seminars in Eldoret and Nyahururu. Let there be a desire amongst her students to learn God's Word and teach it effectively. For more on Luz's ministry...

2020 Vision Sees Kenya Reached For Christ April 15, 2013

Carlo & Elma PanaThe “Vision 2020” focuses on planting 20 new churches by the year 2020. Five church plants are underway where pastors are witnessing and conducting Bible classes in preparing the way for growth. Pastor Peter Kagwi is opening a church in Lunga-Lunga, Pastor Kennedy Okundi in Nyamira, Pastor Timothy Matheka in Makima, Pastor Ezekiel Mwaniki in Runyenjes and Pastor Kenneth Muriungi in Marimanti. Ten new churches will be planted in 2013. Another church plant begins this month in an unreached area of Turkana where John Ekaliban requested TCM to bring the gospel and plant churches. Kivilu writes: “As we made the 2020 vision, we realized our pastors and churches have the potential to reach the whole of Kenya with the grace message by planting new churches.” Please pray for this pursuit.

TCM Philippines Planting a Church Every 2 to 3 Weeks April 9, 2013

Nineteen churches have been planted in the last year. Through the outreach of “TCM IMPACT: 7,725 & 115 By 2017” (7,725 new members and 115 new churches by 2017) people are being saved and growing in their faith through evangelism and establishing local churches. This means each new church has met the Mission criteria for a standard church: Membership of a minimum of 15 adults and young people, regular weekly services and an organized set of officers. Pastor Pielago writes: “We deeply appreciate your share in the great ministry of winning precious souls for Christ! We praise and thank the Lord for blessing the work through Things to Come Mission in the Philippines.”

South Brazil Robbery Update April 8, 2013

Gomer Indino sent a complete report concerning the armed robbery they experienced while in Ponta Grossa on 3/28. Meetings for development of the ministry and a meal ended with hold-up men entering the restaurant, taking a new camera from Nene, wallet with documents from Gomer and threats to shoot Pastor Carlos Schmidt because he had no wallet. Fortunately, Gomer had placed Carlos money in another pocket and no one was hurt. Police rapidly arrived on call and ably recovered the wallet, documents, cellphone and even one thief. Indinos are thankful for your prayers.

Letting the Light Shine Out of Darkness April 2, 2013

Coast ministry KenyaPastor Peter Kagwi, who planted nine churches on the coast of Kenya and started four Bible training centers, writes: "I have some good news. Yesterday, I had an appointment with the chaplain of Shimo La Tewa Prison in Mombasa. We had a good conversation and finally he permitted me to issue Bible Correspondence Courses to the prisoners. I left 20 sets of lessons of Highway of Life in Kiswahili and the Acts lessons. The chaplain also expressed the need for Bibles for the prisoners. " He writes that he would appreciate generous contributions that will help the prison ministry be effective and successful. You may contact the mission for further information. For more reports on what the Lord is doing in Mombasa, read, Coast Ministry Updates.

A far journey to share the Gospel
April 1, 2013

Tim and Judy Heath traveled from Malaysia to Nepal to share the gospel with a security guard they had made friends with while he worked at their apartment complex. The difficult trip was rewarded with their friend receiving Jesus Christ as his Savior. How Much Is a Soul Worth? is a report Judy Heath tells of their journey. How far are we willing to go and how much are we willing to endure to communicate the gospel to someone facing an eternity without Christ? Please pray for Nepal.

Greetings From Kenya March 31, 2013

Carlo & Elma Pana Greetings in Jesus' name. I hope you are having a blessed time this Easter reflecting on the matchless love of God that He showed by sending His only begotten son to die for our sins. I am pleased to send you the Grace Gazette with news of Grace Bible church- Kenya ministries. Thank you for your prayers and partnership to make the grace message known in Kenya. I wish you all a blessed Easter and may you experience that mighty power of God that raised Jesus from the dead working in your life.

In His service, Pastor Titus Kivilu GBC-Kenya Director

"Violence is everywhere" March 29, 2013

gomer and nene indino Violence was very evident in South Brazil on 3/28 as Gomer and Nene Indino faced gunmen demanding wallets, jewelry, VISA cards, all valuables, even threatening to kill their companion, Pastor Carlos Schmidt. Indinos recently returned from USA to continue working with MCP Grace churches and "Rede ao Mar" Youth Group along the Atlantic coast. See their March prayer letter. Gomer especially regrets the loss of his drivers license and camera. His call came to the TCM office quickly and new cards are being issued, but much prayer needs to be lifted up also for rapid recovery from the emotional and physical stress of armed robbery.

100 Leaders of Philippine Grace Churches Meeting March 28, 2013

Philippines They are calling it the TCM Leaders Summit. Director Gerson Bermejo explains that participants are composed of Board of Trustees, Department Directors, National Coordinators, Supervising Ministers, Deputy Supervising Ministers, Consultants and Advisers and Lay Church Leaders. The April 21-23, summit meeting, held in Manila, will review the organizational structure of TCM, follow-up the five-year plans and goals of the Mission, review the Church planting programs, and discuss the newly formulated Administrative Manual. Pray for this summit that God will use the unity and the focus of the leaders to accomplish His purposes to see churches planted, equipped and trained to communicate the gospel throughout the Philippines and to the regions beyond.

Director Headed for Southeast Asia March 27, 2013

TCM Director Ben Anderson is on his way to Malaysia, Singapore, Indonesia and the Philippines. Activities will include planning meetings, leadership seminars, ministry reviews and several church visits. The trip will culminate in Manila with the 55th Annual Conference where TCM's first missionary Vernon Anderson will be remembered. Attendees will come from several countries. Ben will return on May 2.

Join Us On Africa Safari 2013 March 19, 2013

Carlo & Elma Pana Is God speaking to you about mission? Perhaps a short mission trip will help you hear God's call more clearly. Ben and Joyce Anderson are hosting Africa Safari to Kenya from July 24-August 7, 2013. You will have great opportunities to serve the Lord on a field with 45 Grace churches and 15 new church plants. Work alongside faithful missionaries, ministers, and members while building the Body of Christ. Enjoy the beauty of God's African creation while driving across the country in a Land Rover. More...

Are You Waiting at GRACE AIRPORT? March 18, 2013

Highway of Life Learning dispensational truth on The Highway of Life, 25 lessons actually written for Sunday School years ago, presents life's journey on this earth starting with Adam & Eve in the Garden, passing all through OT history, continuing forward with Christ to the Cross and onto Gentile Byway where Apostle Paul preaches the truth of Grace as we know it today. These lessons brought thousands into Bible study when offered in Philippines churches using a large flannelgraph with Bible character figures. Mrs. Charles Baker permitted these lessons to be printed which opened truth into Indonesia, India, Brazil, Africa, using the Bible throughout, showing God's plan for all ages. First published in 1958 The Highway is now available in various languages via internet from Spain with Rob Vander Zee,

Missionary Kids, Our Joy and Future! March 14, 2013

Carlo & Elma Pana TCM missionary candidates Pat and Michelle Kilgo hosted the Killion family, TCM missionaries to Thailand, during the annual mission conference at Berean Bible Institute in Slinger, Wisconsin. Seven kids in the house was not quite enough, so they invited the Sadler family to visit. Eleven kids made for a fun-filled time. Pray for our missionary kids to do well in their studies and to grow and mature physically and spiritually. And, pray for our missionary families who strive to train up their children to know and love the Lord Jesus. Missionary kids have a vital role in effective ministry and outreach.

Let’s Finish the Bible School Building in Kenya! March 12, 2013

Kenya Bible School Building The Bible school of the Grace Bible Churches of Kenya is ready to start the final stage of their building project. Phase 4 will put on the roof, doors, and complete the interior finishing. This building will train pastors and church leaders and be the headquarters for the national work. Churches are being planted across the country and even in unreached areas. This building is needed more than ever for preparing men to pastor these new churches. See how much has been raised on the Projects page by clicking on the picture.

Cambodia Fence Project March 12, 2013

Cambodia Team Cambodia has worked in Baipai Village for five years and has seen people come to know the Lord as their Savior and receive Bible training. This outreach extends to two surrounding villages and many have heard the gospel message for the first time. Last year God provided the property and the funds for building a deep well and toilets. The final project is raising the money for a fence and gate so that the property is secure. The desire is to have the fence built in time to hold the first youth camp in Cambodia. Please click on the picture to see how you can help finish this project and get the fence built before summer.

Old Man Finds the Truth in the Middle East March 11, 2013

Bible A middle-eastern believer travels to a convention. While sitting reading his Bible, wearing an old USA-CANADA sweatshirt, he assists an old man who has fallen nearby. The man begins asking all about the sweatshirt. Then he asks, "What are you reading? Read to me also." As the young man reads chapter 53 of Isaiah, suddenly the old man shouts, "That's it! When I read that chapter 40 years ago, I heard a voice telling me: 'Follow the one being offered for iniquities and bearing your sins and transgressions!'" The old man had converted to Islam 40 years previously, but now believed in Christ as Savior. He immediately phoned his family back home in Canada telling them he had found the truth. The Word of God is powerful indeed!

Philippine Bible Schools with 31 Graduates March 8, 2013

IGBICommencement exercises for the 2012-2013 school year of the Philippine IGBI campuses are scheduled late this month and early next month: March 23, IGBI-Bataan – 1 (Director Dan Banac); April 7, IGBI-Cauayan – 3 (Cecilio Blas); March 23, IGBI-Ozamiz (Noli Ongos); and, April 2, IGBI-Tagum (Calixto Fermantes). Total enrollment of each campus: IGBI-Bataan – 20; IGBI-Cauayan – 22; IGBI-Ozamiz – 81; and IGBI-Tagum – 74, for a grand total of 197 students. Every year IGBI supplies workers through its graduates for the churches and other areas of ministry. National Director of the entire IGBI Ministry Department is Pastor Noli B. Ongos.

Growing the Church By Serving Others March 5, 2013

IndonesiaThe one desire of Pastor Maruli (Agus) & Yokhe Marpaung in Indonesia is to glorify God through surrendering their skills and talents to serving Him. In 2010 they traveled to South Sulawesi to rebuild the grace church that had been left without a pastor and was meeting in a rundown building. The members were invigorated by the arrival of this young couple, and their love for the Lord and each other began to grow. They raised the money, restored the church building, ministered to the various age groups, and the attendance has nearly doubled. They are now looking for new ways to be a testimony and light to their community. To read a further report from Pastor Maruli, click on the picture.

A Door of Opportunity March 4, 2013

Myra OmictinTeam Cambodia missionaries are always looking for opportunities to share the gospel. Myra Omictin, Cambodian Pastor Srouch, and co-laborers, Elsa and Fe were given a good chance to visit new friends in Kampot province. They traveled with former students, Sophal and Lynet, who used to be English students in Baipai village. This team traveled for three hours in a rented van from the capital of Phnom Penh to follow up on this ministry contact. Please pray that this open door will lead to another ministry outlet. Click on the picture to read more of this wonderful opportunity to spread the gospel.

Pray for Peaceful Elections in Kenya February 19, 2013

Kenya elections The Kenyan general election is in eleven days (March 4th). The last election in 2007 left 1000 dead and 600,000 without a home. There is great concern that tribal conflict will cause a high death toll. Missionary Luz Gaddi ask that everyone pray for peace and safety. Director Titus Kivilu writes, "Let's join hands in prayers that by God's power the elections will be peaceful free and fair and that God will intervene so we can elect leaders who will lead this country in a godly way. 'When the righteous thrive, the people rejoice: But when the wicked rule, the people groan -Proverbs 29:2'"

Beverly Sidebottom Departs for a Better Place February 18, 2013

Beverly Sidebottom TCM wants to honor the memory of our dear Sister in Christ, Beverly Sidebottom, wife of Eldred and mom of Daniel. Her health was failing for some time, but now she has crossed over to the heavenly places. She and Eldred took up TCM work in 1961-1990 starting at a card table in their utility room. All of us are reminded of Bev's faithful service in the TCM office on Cope's Main St. doing all the receipts and expenditures during Eldred's directorship. And she used a pegboard, by hand! Her hospitality and cheerfulness were enjoyed by the almost constant visitors passing through Cope. Bev was always a good pastor's wife, pianist for services, prayer partner, helper in all ways and we honor that service and know how greatly her personal and TCM family misses her though thankful for her assured place of blessing in Christ.

Sharing God's Love is the Best Valentine February 14, 2013

Philippine Winning souls for Jesus Christ has become a passion for the members of Valenzuela City Grace Gospel Church of Christ, Philippines. Thirteen people have responded to the gospel through the church's evangelism outreach this month. Pastor James Bermejo is leading his evangelism committee members in a two-week crusade in which they conduct a “religious survey” and use this opportunity to share the gospel of salvation. A second team is responsible for following up the new believers and the third team remains in the church to pray for responsive hearts. Bermejo and his follow-up team are preparing to teach and disciple the new believers. Pray for these endeavors as they continue communicating the words of life throughout the year, and for financial funding for producing gospel tracts.

Anderson Seminary Students Preaching Journey February 13, 2013

Carlo & Elma Pana Exciting reports are in following field trips of students from the Indonesian Bible School in Lembean. Team One with 9 students was led by Director Audy & wife and traveled to islands north of Sulawesi where they held 9 church and 5 open air meetings during December break. Four other new villages were reached with the cooperation of Tondano & Kotamabagu GAA churches. Team Two with 14 students under the leadership of Faculty-Pastors Sumajouw and Rompon ministered in Lembean area and also south into Central Sulawesi reaching out to Palolo and Dongi-Dongi, both new congregations in non-Christian areas.

Young People Sharing the Gospel in Indonesia February 7, 2013

Carlo & Elma Pana Pastor Sigit sends an encouraging report from Central Sulawesi: “Our ministry is currently active in getting young people to preach the gospel.” For several years the Grace Church has sent students to the Bible school. He is asking for prayer that more enterprising young men will be sharing the gospel. Director Harold Sigar writes that Pastor Sigit's ministry is growing with many people joining the church. During a recent visit, 150 youth came to worship together.

Dean and Sheba are Putting Leaders on the MAP February 6, 2013

PadayhagTraining leaders is a rewarding part of Dean and Sheba Padayhag's ministry in South Africa and they continue equipping men and women during their home assignment in the Philippines. Please pray for the Padayhags as they are teaching a leadership training course called MAP (Ministerial Advancement Program). Ten elders and leaders participate every Sunday until the end of March in an interactive 4-hour doctrinal and ministerial class where they ask questions, discuss, report and practice the things they are learning. May the Lord use these leaders to lead others in the ministry.

Gomer and Nene Indino Return to Brazil January 15, 2013

Carlo & Elma Pana Gomer and Nene Indino are true traveling missionaries, leaving January 17 for South Brazil to resume evangelism, training ministers, ministering to women and children in the churches along the Atlantic Coast. In 3 1/2 months in USA, they traveled and spoke in six states, meeting new prayer partners to stand by for the labors ahead. April-September they spent valuable family time in the Philippines. Brazil plans include building up the new Paranagua church with five families already attending services, opening their house in Guape, getting physical checkups, coordinating with MCP Grace churches and Brother Carlos Schmidt also constructing his church at Timbu. They ask your prayers.

Philippine Annual Conference Set for April 2013 December 14, 2012

Philippine conference TCM’s best-attended conference each year is the Annual conference of the Grace churches in the Philippines. The 55th TCM Grace National Annual Conference will be held at the huge UCCP – Ellinwood Malate Church, 1660 Vasquez St., Malate, Manila on April 23-26. The main speakers are Ben Anderson, Executive Director, TCM-USA, Genesis Maraat, TCM Missionary to Thailand and Dean Padayhag, TCM Missionary to South Africa. The conference theme is: “Strengthening Generous Partnership in Mission”. Registration fee: P1,500.00 per participant/delegate. This conference will be a blessed time of friendship, fellowship and challenge in the great city of Manila.

Facing Danger in Northern Uganda December 13, 2012

Carlo & Elma PanaCarlo & Elma Paña traveled to Pawel Lalem Amoru district in the north of Uganda about 2 hours from Gulu. This area is not secure and in 2004 a missionary couple was killed by rebels. The Pañas ministered in a church and orphanage while continuously preaching the gospel and answering theological questions. Although safe from bandits, Elma did come down with fever and chills. After treatment by a doctor in Kampala she is now almost recovered. Elma said, “God’s protection was amazing!” The Pañas have been in Uganda since 2004 and will make a trip to the U.S. for deputation in 2013. Their son Charael is working and attending college in the Philippines.

Padayhags’ New Missionary Kid December 12, 2012

Carlo & Elma Pana Congratulations to South Africa missionaries Dean & Sheba Padayhag! Dean writes, "Rejoice with us! Sheba has successfully delivered our second baby girl through a Caesarean operation today (12-12-12-12noon Philippine time) at Olivarez General Hospital, Paranaque City, Philippines. Her name will be Shedesh Padayhag. Please pray for Sheba's fast recovery. We'll post some photos on Facebook later. Thank you for your prayers!" Shedesh joins older sister Shedea. The Padayhag family is on home assignment for four months in the Philippines before returning to Johannesburg, South Africa.

Peter Kagwi Speaks at the South Africa Bible Conference December 7, 2012

Peter Kagwi in south africa Pastor Peter Kagwi of Mombasa, Kenya was invited to speak at the Annual Conference of the Berean Grace Churches in South Africa. He reports, “The National Conference in S. Africa was very successful. The Lord encouraged me so much before, during and after the conference. The conference, which had the general theme "Faithfulness to the Call," had the impact of being faithful to the call of salvation and the call to service. I had a very good time with the newly appointed national director, Pastor William Mdluli of Soshanguve Grace Berean Church. It is my humble prayer that the Spirit of God will use the believers who received the word of God with gladness to be effective in serving our Lord faithfully.”

Typhoon Bopha Devastates Southern Philippines December 7, 2012

Typhoon Pablo damageTyphoon “Pablo” as it is known in the Philippines has caused severe destruction on Mindanao island in the southern Philippines. Over 650 people are confirmed dead with over 900 still missing. Some 400,000 people have lost their homes. The town of New Bataan in the Compostela Valley has ceased to exist. TCM-Philippines Executive Director Gerson Bermejo writes of many churches and members suffering: “Our church building in the town of New Bataan, Compostela Valley was completely destroyed. Many Grace church buildings in other provinces were partially damaged. Members have lost much property including all their crops or plantations.” Field Director Pielago writes that two Grace members are unaccounted for. TCM is collecting and sending gifts to be distributed by the Directors and Supervising Ministers in the hardest hit areas. Please designate gifts to “Typhoon Pablo.” Read more reports from the Philippines.

Information on donating to TCM.

Church Planting in Lunga-Lunga December 3, 2012

Lunga Lunga church plant There is a proposed church plant at Lunga-Lunga along the border of Tanzania and the Coastal region of Kenya. One of BGSM students moved to Lunga-Lunga where he bought a piece of land. Pastor Kagwi writes, “ I had a discussion with him during the regional leaders meeting this month. He shared concerning the new group that meets weekly for prayer and Bible study discussion. We have agreed to make a survey trip in early January next year. We are asking for your prayer so that we will be able to follow God's guidance and will for this projected plan for 2013.”

500 to Enroll in TCM-Recognized Degree Programs November 26, 2012

Carlo & Elma Pana TCM-Philippines will conduct nine seminars from November 2012 to September 2013 under the TCM Workers’ Continuing Education Program in various strategic locations in the Philippines. These seminars expect to reach 500 TCM workers and lay church leaders to enroll in the Mission-recognized degree programs. These degree programs are designed for those who desire to enhance pastoral or other personal ministry skills with a focus in the area of church leadership. These degree programs are also complementary to the five-year church growth program of the Mission (2012-2017) which aims to PLANT 115 new churches. Hence, the “common cry” of the TCM Family in the Philippines for five years is: “TCM IMPACT: 7,725 & 115 BY 2017.” Read more on the Philippines page.

Opening Panay Island November 20, 2012

Panay island Pastor Morito Rebana, pioneer missionary in Panay Island, Philippines reports: "A medical mission was conducted in Lanot, Alimodian, Iloilo, Nov. 17 with free services of Dr. Ruth Improso and Dr. Hilda Viray. The new ministry in Barangay Guibaliwan, Kalibo, Aklan started Nov. 14 through the initiative of Pastor Maxdor Carillo. Ten individuals attended the first meeting and will meet again Dec. 14. We now need another worker for Kalibo." Two years ago Pastor Rebana began Bible studies among relatives in six different places in Iloilo. Last year a small congregation was formally organized in Lanot, Alimodian, now under care of Pastor Ed Padayhag. The new target area is Kalibo, a large municipality in Aklan Province. The vision is great! for Panay in Western Visayas, including three nearby provinces of Antique, Capiz and Guimaras.

Pray for Keren in the Philippines November 13, 2012

Keren Improso Keren Improso was knocked unconscious today in an accident when she ran into a volleyball net at night. Her sister Kezia and friends took her to a nearby hospital in Cagayan City. When Keren awoke she was temporarily unable to recognize people. A CT scan has determined that no serious damage was done and Keren should be able to go home in 24 hours. Please pray for Keren and Kezia as well as Gardner and Ledith in Kenya. Update (11/15): Keren is now at home after a 24-hour hospital stay and tests. She still has some headaches and bruises from her fall, but is recovering. Gardner & Ledith request our continued prayers.

Philippines Pioneer Pastor Home with the Lord November 12, 2012

Carlo & Elma Pana Pastor Genaro Baluyot, pioneer worker in southern Philippines and defender of grace doctrine departed to be with Christ on Nov. 11th. He diligently served as pastor in Negros and Balut islands, pioneer and circuit youth coordinator in General Santos City area, Cotabato Province, evangelist for almost 40 years. Sudden paralysis four years ago kept him back, but his desire always continued to preach and plant more churches. His wife Mila and many children in the faith honor his life and dedicated service for the Lord.

Evangelistic Trek November 6, 2012

Jesus Film Forty-three youth and adults professed Christ in Baungon, Bukidnon, Philippines, located at the foot of Mt. Kitanglad, home of the world’s largest flower, and extremely remote for driving. One bridge was not yet repaired from Typhoon Sendong last year. Another dam near Del Monte Pineapple Plantation was out, but the people were waiting patiently till Jun Cadelina’s team of four arrived. The villagers had no supper available so Jun offered them clean drinking water instead while the people excitedly watched the Megiddo and Jesus film videos.

Kisumu and Rabuor Grace Bible Churches November 6, 2012

Peter KagwiPastor Peter Kagwi traveled to Western Kenya with TCM Rep Gardner Improso and Grace Bible Church Director Titus Kivilu. He relates some encouraging events from his journey: “The Kisumu Grace Pastoral Training graduation was good. Seven students graduated. We thank God because one of the student is the assistant pastor of Kisumu GBC, his name is Moses. On that Sunday of the graduation, the GBC Director requested me to preach in Rabour GBC which is the new daughter church of Kisumu. I preached to more than 20 adults in attendance.” Pastor Peter will speak at the South Africa Annual Conference in early December.

Preaching 8 Time Zones Away November 2, 2012

Ben SkypeOn Friday, TCM Director Ben Anderson preached in the worship service of the TCM Grace Fellowship in Dubai . . . while sitting in his dining room in Indianapolis. With the internet and Skype, the possibilities for getting the gospel into other countries is multiplying! And all of us who love the Lord must be ready to share the good news when possible. The faithful believers at the Fellowship in Dubai joined together after the Southeast Asia Grace Conference in Bali in May. The Omictin sisters went back and decided to call up their friends and start meeting together. The Fellowship is getting ready to look for a larger meeting place and call a tentmaker pastor.

TCM Ministry Reaches Out to Muslim Mindanao October 17, 2012

Carlo & Elma PanaA mission team was sent to Tawi-Tawi, southernmost part of Mindanao, October 1-3, to survey the place for a possible future ministry expansion. Pastor Eddie Edama, SM of the Sea-Gold District, has this report: “There were five of us in the team (Pastors Blanco, Zaragoza, Loreno, Intern Pastor Barcenal and myself). Bonggao is both the capital town and business center of the province of Tawi-Tawi. People in this place are open to the Gospel (they were asking about our faith). Rental for a house which could serve both as residence and worship center is between 2,000 and 3,000 pesos.” Meanwhile, a house church is now in Isabela City in Basilan – a 45-minute fastcraft ride from Zamboanga City in Mindanao.

NOGBY Youth Camp October 16, 2012

The NOGBY Youth Camp 2012 held at the majestic Rocky Valley Christian Campsite on October 4-6 was a great success. Twenty-five energetic campers participated in fun-filled activities such as mountain climbing, swimming, aerobics, outdoor games, obstacle course, bonfire, devotion and discovery time were designed to explicate this year’s theme, “I AM GOD’S DESIGN.” Three campers publicly declared their faith in Jesus Christ during the second bonfire. As a signature of commitment to share and serve Christ, a wooden cross was planted on a mountain top on which the campers’ names were written.

Myra Visits Thailand October 23, 2012

Myra Omictin Myra Omictin of TCM’s Team Cambodia was sponsored to visit the United States for one month. She attended a women’s conference in Indianapolis and then presented Team Cambodia’s ministry to Grace churches in Indianapolis, Olney, Linton and Seattle. She expressed her appreciation for all the love, hospitality and gifts. Myra returned to the ministry in Cambodia on October 13, only to leave on a short trip to neighboring Thailand where she met up with the Maraats and TCM partner Ken Potts in Bangkok. Pictured from left are Ken, Genesis, Andrea and Myra

Missionary Luz Gaddi in Mombasa October 9, 2012

Luz Gaddi Luz Gaddi asks the Lord to provide more Christian Ed trainees in Kenya. One of her obstacles is the language barrier, but she is daily reading 4-5 chapters in her English-Swahili Bible. She writes, "At my age I have a very long way to go before it can be mastered--no excuse for not trying even if sometimes one word is composed of 15 letters." Conferences, women's seminars and teaching fill up her schedule. and she notes a warmer love and renewed interest in the ministry.

Indonesia Bible Students Evangelistic Trip October 4, 2012

Indonesia Director Audy Ngantung writes: Praise the Lord, STTAM is being used by God to proclaim His grace. On December 17 until the end of January 2013, there will be two student teams between semesters. The first team of 25 people, in collaboration with GAA Lembean Chruch, will hold a revival meetings in several places in Central Sulawesi, while the other team of 12 students, will go to Tangulandang, Siau and Tahuna (North Sulawesi). Please pray for this plan (health, readiness of places to be visited, the funds are quite a lot, especially for the second team will still need to spend $ 1000 and the readiness of the team that will go.)

Praise and Prayer for Brazil Conferences October 3, 2012

Indino Praise the Lord for the (MCP) conference that was held in Ponta Grossa, Parana. It was attended of about a 100 delegates. The Conference was successful even though it was cold. Pray for the coming First Women’s Congress of Grace Churches in Brazil that will be held in Ibura Grace Church, Recife in Northern Brazil this coming October 26-28, 2012. There will be about 18-20 delegates from Southern Brazil who are going to attend.

Missionary Myra Visits the USA October 2, 2012

Carlo & Elma Pana Myra Omictin, our TCM Cambodia Team Member, says her one month trip to the USA is totally exciting. Her two sisters working in Dubai hosted her trip, telling Myra to get photos of every possible scene and activity of life in USA which has already included the "True Women" Conference in Indianapolis, also presenting the Cambodia Team ministry at churches in Olney, IL, Linton, IN and Grace Church, Indianapolis. Myra flew to Seattle this week to report about her love for the Phnom Penh work with youth, English classes in several villages, Bible studies, and witnessing to Cambodians in Khmer language. Myra knows Asian life well as she is a Filipina and has worked in China for five years previous to joining Team Cambodia.

Project ABBA Christmas Gift Project 2012 October 2, 2012

Project ABBAFor 10 years ABBA has focused on bringing the message of Jesus Christ to Brazilian children every December and ABBA 2012 preparations are now underway. Vicki LeFeber and Michelle Campos begin shopping early for clothing outfits and special toys to get ready for the big celebration. All kids who attend TCM churches, and plenty of neighborhood kids, are invited to come and sing, play games, snack, receive gifts, and especially to hear the Gospel story of Jesus. Enjoy the pictures and video of happy faces at an ABBA Party.

Mission Survey Visit to Tawi-Tawi September 24, 2012

Four members of the team: Pastor Eddie Edama, Pastor Pedro Blanco, Pastor Roseller Zaragoza, and Pastor Bert Dayandayan (the volunteer local missionary), are set to leave on October 1 for Bunggao, Tawi-tawi, near Jolo, to explore the possibility of starting a new ministry in the island. The team will stay there for two days and join other workers of the Sea-Gold Ministry District under Pastor Edama for the regular fellowship on October 4 which will be held in Isabela, capital city of Basilan. A TCM house church is now existing in Isabela City in Basilan - a 45-minute fastcraft ride from Zamboanga City in Mindanao. The new work was started by DSM Pastor Roseller Zaragoza and now being taking care of by his brother, Pastor Jonel Zaragoza. Director Gerson Bermejo has an interesting update on the TCM ministry in the Philippines.

Pastor Max Amlon is with the Lord September 20, 2012

Max Amlon Our "friend and partner has rested from all his labors." Pastor Max Amlon was promoted to glory Sept. 15 after serving with TCM Philippines for over 40 years. After graduation from IGBI in 1971, Brother Max began pastoring several churches and became Provincial Evangelist of Bukidnon Province, then became Supervising Minister of Bukidnon. Currently he was Supervising Minister of Cotabato Provinces after serving as Fieldwork Director because of his ability in solving problems and also a longstanding member of the TCM-RP Board. He and wife Veronica did counselling together, model parents of five children, two of whom are also pastors with TCM. Funeral and burial services are scheduled for Sept. 23-24 in Kidapawan City. The TCM-USA Office honors Max's love for his Savior Jesus Christ and for years of hard and successful work for the mission.

Indonesia Bible Seminary Graduates Twelve September 13, 2012

Indonesia graduation Pastor Audy Ngantung is the president of the Anderson School of Theology in Manado, Indonesia (STTAM). He reports, “Praise the Lord! August 8, 2012, on STTAM’s 24th birthday, we graduated 12 students and sent 7 students for a one-year internship. Pastor Timothy Heath has been preaching the Word of God which has blessed us. Students will serve in Kupang, Southeast Sulawesi, East Kalimantan, Minahasa, Surabaya, Jakarta, Samarinda, Pontianak, North Sulawesi, Tahuna, Talaud, Bontang, Papua and Sulawesi South. Pray for STTAM to complete accreditation by the National Accreditation Agency of Indonesia. Pray also for the new students. Lectures started on August 27.”

Ministry Trip to Western Kenya September 11, 2012

Pastor Titus Kivilu and TCM Rep Gardner Improso will travel to several places in Western Kenya from October 11-23. In Kisumu they will speak at the graduation of 7 trainees of the Grace Pastoral Training program. They will worship at the new Grace church in Rabuor, a suburb of Kisumu. From there they will travel to South Nyanza on the east side of Lake Victoria to teach the leaders and members at churches in two towns which are joining Grace Bible Church. These new churches are a result of contacts made through the TCM website. Read more from Pastor Titus about this opportunity.

Second Grace Church in Nairobi September 10, 2012

Ndadora Grace Church Kenyan Director Titus Kivilu reports that a second Grace Bible Church has opened in Nairobi on September 3. Pastor Stanley Mwangi and his wife Theresa pastor the original Kayole Church and are actively helping to plant the second church. A part of the Africa Safari Team was able to visit Kayole in July in a rapidly growing suburb of Nairobi. Elder Peter Mukuria will be preaching at the new church in Dandora. The church will start with two families with help from some leaders from the first church. The Lord has already supplied much to plant the new church, but they still have a need for more chairs and rent.

Killions Visiting Supporters in America September 6, 2012

Carlo & Elma Pana Nathan & Jessica Killions with Mathias, Abigail and Chloe have arrived back in the United States after nearly four years in Thailand. Their first stop is the TCM headquarters in Indianapolis to pick up the TCM minivan, debrief and prepare their presentation. Today we had a pizza party before sending them off to Illinois tomorrow and then Nebraska. The Killions will participate in the mission conferences in Oregon, Washington and Idaho beginning later in September. Please contact the office for more details.

5 in 1 Celebration September 4, 2012

Church building with roof Pastor Cadelina tells: Our Team attended the "5-in-1 Celebration" at Mahayahay, Valencia City, Bukidnon, Philippines on Aug. 27. The place lies at altitude level with Musuan Mt. peak. After conducting evangelism for a few months, the Christians and Manubo tribespeople dedicated the church before roofing. Now they celebrated: 2nd Anniversary of the congregation leader, wife's birthday, Child Dedication, and house blessing for the roofed church. More than 10 of the neighbors prayed the sinner's prayer. Aug. 31 Pastor Jun was Speaker for Language Week in Cagayan and 1000 people heard the gospel. Same day: he represented 50 TCM graduates for the Welding & Electrical Courses at the government accredited school.

Sister Shena George is With the Lord September 1, 2012

Shena Brother Yusuf George of Indonesia met Sister Shena of the Philippines studying at IGBI, the TCM Bible school in the Philippines. They married in 2009 and moved to Indonesia. In 2011 their vision to serve the Lord was renewed and they joined STTAM, the TCM Bible school in Manado, Indonesia. Yesterday, Yusuf & Shena flew to Balikpapan to begin their nine months of internship. Around midnight, Shena was admitted to the hospital, where she died after a short time. Please pray for Brother Yusuf that God and the people of God will be a great comfort and source of strength for him at this difficult time.

Grace Martial Arts Camps August 27, 2012

Carlo & Elma PanaGRACE MARTIAL ARTS missionary Bob Xavier reports: Clubs and Camps were blessed. Every year we graduate high school students who become excellent Black Belt servant leaders. The 5 GMA Bible Clubs in Greater Tampa Bay enrolled nearly 250 from 6 years and up. Scripture memorization, prayer and Bible lesson are part of every session. GMA is a dynamically powerful Christian ministry resource worldwide. Students and parents learn how to present the Gospel Bad News/Good News message to friends and family. See our power point at Other outreach materials are in development for DVD presentations.

Family & Ministry Conferences – South Africa August 17, 2012

conference“Back-to-Back Men’s and Women’s Conferences were successfully held at Life Hotels-Kempton Park on August 10-11. Twenty-five delegates attended the life and ministry changing events. Guest speakers, Ben and Joyce Anderson successfully communicated both personal and Biblical insights on how to become men and women of grace. Many of the delegates testified how the lessons and workshops on family and ministry changed their perspective and relationships. Others could hardly wait to see their families and church members to apply the things they learned from the conferences. Other enjoyable features were a bowling tournament for men and spa treatment for women. The success and benefits these conferences achieved will attract more to attend next year.” – Dean Padayhag

Renewed Church Planting in Kenya August 15, 2012

Kenya Map God has rekindled the church planting spirit among the Grace Bible Church pastors in Kenya. Director Titus Kivilu writes, “God has revitalized our passion and zeal to reach out to the unreached people with the grace gospel. This year we already have 13 new churches (8 in coast region, Rabuor in Kisumu, Riandu market in Riandu region, Karurina in Embu, Pundo in Gwasi- S. Nyanza and Githogoro in Nairobi). Pastors are teaching the truth to the people and helping them to grow in grace and in the knowledge of our Lord. The following churches are scheduled to open in September and October this year: Dandora in Nairobi, Free Area in Nakuru, Morichu in Ndururi, Tunyai in Meru, Gitua in Mbeere – Karambari region, Mongongo and Nyasembe in Gucha-Kisii and Rongo in South Nyanza. If we keep this fire burning, we will exceed our goal of 100 churches by 2020 which will be a great achievement for the glory and honor of the Lord.”

Berean Grace School of Ministries Awards Students August 5, 2012

Kenya Map Pastor Peter Kagwi writes, “BGSM (Berean Grace School of Ministries) 1st and the 2nd year students were awarded certificates during the 3rd Coast Grace Conference in Mombasa. We thank TCM Executive Director, Rev. Ben Anderson and Joyce Anderson, as well as Africa Safari 2012 for honoring this important occasion. A total of 30 students from our Bible school and 3 extension centers of training were awarded certificates. The next graduation for diploma level will be early next year after 3 years of training. Thank you for your prayer support. It's our prayer that through our students and grace believers, the grace message will continue to spread at the coast and the regions beyond. Praise and glory be to the Almighty Father for how far He has taken us.”

Africa Safari 2012 a Success August 4, 2012

Team member, Jaclyn Logan writes, “On July 19 Vince and I had the amazing opportunity to join six other individuals on Africa Safari 2012. We spent two weeks visiting homes, churches and orphanages in seven towns in Kenya, East Africa. What a blessing to experience the joy and passion the Kenyans have for our Heavenly Father! They desire to truly spread the Gospel. Everyone went out of their way to help us. Pastors Titus Kivilu and Justin Karuru really helped us during our stay. Pastor Titus is Director of the work. He and Jemimah have sacrificed to do the Lord’s work in all areas of Kenya. Justin is the pastor of Grace Church Nakuru and he has such a heart for the Lord, that he is starting a second church in another area of Nakuru. He drove us around to visit different churches and orphanages. Vince preached his first sermon from Romans 12 about The Unity of the Body of Christ. We hope to continue to work alongside these men and women as we seek to do the Lord’s will in our own lives."

Philippine Schools Producing God’s Workmen July 19, 2012

Pastor Jun Pielago, Field Director of TCM in the Philippines, writes that besides the 4 resident campuses of International Grace Bible Institute, there are now 7 Field Bible Schools located in Cebu (15 students), Leyte (24), Bag-Land (10), Neg. Occidental (10), Bohol, Seagold and Palawan. The churches of the Bicol region in southern Luzon are applying to start another full residential campus of IGBI. The value of these schools is seen in the 38 new pastors and Bible women who were accepted in Davao at the 54th Annual Conference.

First Grace Seminar in Kilifi July 18, 2012

Church in KilifiPastor Peter Kagwi has taken the next step in his vision of Grace churches all along the Indian Ocean coast of Kenya. On June 30 Peter and his Bible students held a seminar in Kilifi, one hour north of Mombasa, where they taught the message of God's grace. This will now become a regular preaching point from which the gospel of Christ can spread in the region. Peter asks for prayer for this fledgling group.

Why Mission? July 17, 2012

Jesse Vaught Jesse Vaught is the pastor of The Point, a church ministry in Denver, Colorado. Jesse is also a TCM board member who has done short-term ministry on several TCM fields. In May Pastor Jesse preached a message entitled, “Why Mission?” Besides explaining what mission is and challenging believers to heed God’s call to mission, Pastor Jesse spoke about Vernon Anderson’s life as a missionary. Vernon was the founding missionary of TCM who went to be with the Lord on May 20. You will enjoy listening to this missionary message on the The Point’s website.

Faithful Kenyan Servant Moves On July 16, 2012

Kenya Tree One of the original members of Grace Bible Church in Kenya was Mr. John Kivilu Nzuki of Kiimani Village in Machakos District. Mr. Kivilu was saved in 1988 and donated a portion of his land for Grace Bible Church, which continues to this day. He also had a spiritual influence on his children with two of them attending Grace Bible School. His son, Pastor Titus Kivilu, is now the director of all the Grace Bible Churches in Kenya. When his father died in Thika on June 15, Titus wrote, "My father remained faithful to the end and was an instrumental tool for the proclamation of the grace gospel in Machakos." Missionary Gardner Improso preached on living for Christ at the funeral.

Team Cambodia Turns 5 July 15, 2012

Missionary Ariel Mahilum writes, "We look back five years ago to when we first started with only Pauline & Faith attending the first Sunday services. Now we are rejoicing for 15 permanent members, almost 100 children, youth and adults in the villages and one Cambodian pastor. How the work grew in five years. Our God is so faithful. We are blessed to see His power, grace and wisdom at work in every step: 3 churches, a parish Bible school, 3 English centers, a dynamic Team of TCM and Cambodian members, faithful supporters locally and abroad. I am targeting a new city for church planting: Siem Reap; Myra Omictin and Pastor Sorn Sruoch will continue the Phnom Penh work. There are 11,600+ villages without Christian presence in this land known as The Killing Fields. May we continue to make our partnership stronger for God's mission work in Cambodia!"

Joint Worship in South Africa July 14, 2012

Padayhag FamilyOn June 24th Grace Berean Church in Kempton Park- South Africa hosted a joint worship celebration. Dean Padayhag writes, “Some members from nearby Grace Churches of Tshepisong and Soshanguve came to take part in the blessed assembly. In spite of extremely cold weather, around 130 brethren armed with jackets, blankets and Bibles came to worship with us. Friendship, Faithfulness, Fruitfulness and Freedom were the topics of the messages. Other pastors also ministered to the congregation through life testimonies and songs. Sheba’s 34th birthday celebration added grace to the already momentous event. The next joint worship will be in Soshanguve on September. Joint Worship happens every three months and is designed to keep the fire burning among our Grace churches.”

Safari Team Preparing to Depart July 13, 2012

Africa Safari Africa Safari 2012 gets into gear July 19 with 8 participants ready to travel to Kenya, East Africa, to join in church ministry and evangelism, "feel" a new culture, make Kenyan friends, hands-on involvement at the Thika Bible School building in process. Ben & Joyce Anderson are facilitators along with Gardner & Ledith Improso and Kenyan church leaders. Most of the group will travel on to minister with Pastor Peter & Margaret Kagwi and Luz Gaddi in Mombasa, Kenya for the Coast Grace Conference on August 2-4. Please remember the Africa Safari team in your prayers.

Planting a Grace Church in Rabuor July 11, 2012

Church in RabuorRabuor is a suburb of Kisumu, the third largest city of Kenya on the shores of Lake Victoria. Pastor Titus Kivilu and his wife Jemima worked with the Grace leaders in the main Kisumu church to establish this new church, which first met on April 1. See a bigger picture by clicking the thumbnail. Pastor Titus has now moved to Thika to assume the position of national director of the Grace Bible Churches. Please pray for the members and leaders of Rabuor Church to be able to share the love of Jesus Christ with their neighbors.

Back to Back Conferences June 25, 2012

Carlo & Elma Pana A historic back-to-back conference will be held at Life Hotels in Kempton Park, South Africa on August 10-11. Men's and Women's conferences happening simultaneously. TCM Director Ben Anderson will be the guest speaker for the men while Joyce Anderson for the women. Forty to fifty delegates are expected to participate in the said 1st time ever event. "What God Wants in a Man?" will be the central point of the discussion for men while "What God Wants in a Woman?" for the women. Other extra fun features are: Bowling Tournament and Spa Treatments. Please pray that this event will enrich relationships and commitment among men and women of our Grace movement in South Africa.

Maraats on Two-Month Home Assignment June 06, 2012

Genesis & Verna Maraat The Maraat Family traveled to the Philippines today for a two-month home assignment. Their children Andrea and Josiah finished school on Friday and they hosted a Christian Fellowship on Sunday before their departure. Genesis writes, “Our landlords came and also one university student and the Killions. I had to bring our TV and DVD player so that we could show the introduction to The Hope Video. I gave copies of the video and also a small booklet explaining the video. Let us pray that God will use the video and booklet to expose more and more about the gospel. While we are gone, the Killions will continue with the fellowship and also our Saturday ministries.”

Youth on a Mission June 04, 2012

Youth on a Mission"In accordance to the the South African Youth Day celebration, the National Organization of Grace Berean Youth (NOGBY) will hold its annual Youth Day Conference on June 16. This year’s theme is “YOUTH ON A MISSION”...a follow-up challenge from ABGMSA’s last conference theme, “Mission POSSIBLE”. It will be hosted for the first time by the Grace Berean Church – Soshanguve. To deliver the challenge for missions will be Dean Padayhag and Steve Thobela. The new set of officers, logo, vision & mission statements, constitution and by-laws, youth programs and activities are just some of the several items to be launched on that day." -Sheba Padayhag

Door of Opportunity in Northern Kenya May 30, 2012

Northern Kenya TCM-Kenya Director Titus Kivilu writes about an area of Kenya untouched by TCM, "God is opening a door of opportunity to preach the grace gospel to the northern people of Kenya. I have met a friend in Thika who comes from Melile in northern Kenya. He has invited me to go and share the gospel to the people in that area. I met this man while looking for a house in Thika and we have became close friends. He has told me that there are very few churches in his place and wants our church to go there. Next month he will talk to the people and make arrangements when we can go there. Pray that God may use this man to open a door to reach these people with the gospel."

Celebrating a Life of Faith May 24, 2012

Vernon Anderson Vernon Anderson's earthly life began in North Dakota on February 15, 1928 and ended on May 20, 2012 in Indiana. In the intervening 84 years, Vernon circumvented the globe many times preaching the gospel of Jesus Christ and teaching the Grace message. On May 24 at 3pm a memorial service was held in Grace Church in Indianapolis. Because Vernon had invested his life in people, it was people who told his story, and it is people who will carry on his legacy. Many gave testimonies of the spiritual impact Vernon had on their lives. Vernon was uniquely talented as a pioneer missionary, and thousands of lives were changed because of meeting with him. Others sent email while some were able to listen to the PalTalk broadcast. TCM Director Ben Anderson (Vernon’s son) closed with a challenge from Vernon's favorite chapter 1 Corinthians 13. Vernon lived a life of faith, hope and love—and those characteristics continue to guide TCM. We miss Vernon, but know that he is rejoicing with the Lord. Gifts in remembrance of Vernon may be given to the Vernon Anderson Mission Outreach fund at TCM.

Meet Our Newest Missionary Family May 22, 2012

Kilgo FamilyThings to Come Mission would like to introduce missionary candidates Pat and Michelle Kilgo and their four children: Robert (13), Elisabeth (11), David (8), and Anna (6). The Kilgos have been active in the ministry in Atlanta, Georgia leading a Grace Church in their home. On June 1st they will move to Wisconsin to attend Berean Bible Institute for one year of Bible and Mission Training before leaving for Southeast Asia.  After searching for a rental house in Wisconsin for many months, the Lord miraculously provided a 5-bedroom home within walking distance of Berean Bible Institute and their kids’ schools. Michelle writes, “In fact, the Landlord believes that God ‘orchestrated’ it so that we would be the ones to rent it. Now we realize that those other houses were not the right ones for us. We give God the praise and the glory!”

Pioneering Missionary Vernon Anderson Goes Home May 20, 2012

Vernon AndersonTCM's founding missionary Vernon Anderson departed his earthly tent to be with the Lord Jesus Christ on Sunday morning at 7:15. On December 26, 2011 he had suffered a stroke at home and spent nine days in the hospital. He never recovered his speech and gradually became weaker. Vernon was a gifted pioneer missionary with an ability to make friends, teach the Bible in an understandable way and establish churches within a short time. The hundreds of Grace churches in the Philippines and Indonesia consider Vernon Anderson their father in the faith. Vernon's sacrificial life so that others could hear the gospel set an example for others to follow. Vernon was 84 years old. A memorial service will be held on Thursday, May 24 at 3pm at Grace Church, 2200 English Ave., Indianapolis. Gifts may be sent to TCM for the Vernon Anderson Mission Outreach Fund. The Memorial Service for Vernon Anderson will be broadcast live at 3PM Eastern Daylight Time Thursday May 24 in the US.  To listen you will need to download PalTalk at  Install the program, set up a username and search for the chat room “IndyGraceChurch”  Click here for a time zone converter to find out the time of the service in your location.

Flying Home May 18, 2012

Airplane Director Ben Anderson and his wife, Joyce will be returning home early from their Southeast Asia journey. They are expected to fly out from Phnom Pehn, Cambodia and arrive on Sunday. Ben writes, “My father Vernon Anderson is now under hospice care at home. He will probably be with our Lord in one or two days. My three sisters will all be there tomorrow. Joyce and I have decided to cancel the remaining 9 days of our SEA ministry journey and return to Indianapolis. Please pray for our family as we remember the long and faithful life of my father. Thank you also to all who have made our 2012 SEA journey such a blessing.”

Four Days of Grace in Bali May 6, 2012

Bali Conference Nearly 80 Grace believers met on the tropical island of Bali for four days of fellowship, worship, country reports, testimonies, special music, group prayer, sightseeing, mission planning, idea-packed seminars and challenging messages. Visitors came from as far away as the United States, Kenya and United Arab Emirates to join missionaries and participants from eight Southeast Asian countries. Our Indonesian hosts led by Lexie & Laura Gerung did a fine job of organizing the venue and activities. One morning we joined with the 300-strong Indonesian national conference for the installation of their new board. During the final meeting, Director Ben Anderson spoke on the essentials of Strategy, Synergy and Service for reaching the remaining Southeast Asian countries for Christ. The attendees overwhelmingly approved the next conference to be held in Kuala Lumpur in May 2014.

Coast Youth Conference May 3, 2012

Coast Youth The Coast Grace Youth Conference was held April 27-28th in Mombasa, Kenya with around 80 youth in attendance.  The conference consisted of many speakers teaching Philippians 2:12-18 with the theme “Holding Forth the Word of Life”. The youth presented special songs, memory verses, poems, skits and participated in an open air evangelistic preaching and film showing. Towards the end of the conference, the youth elected 11 regional leaders who will be planning and organizing future youth activities in the region. Pastor Peter writes, “Let’s pray for our young people that they will be effective and become instruments of spreading the grace message and remain united in the faith!”

More Prayers Needed April 30, 2012

Vernon AndersonRemember Vernon Anderson in your prayers as he continues to recover from the stroke he had this past December and was recently admitted into the hospital Friday night with pneumonia and low oxygen levels.  Darlene also has a bad cough and neither of them have had much sleep this past week. Pray that Vernon will be released from the hospital soon! Update (5/13): Vernon is back in the hospital with pneumonia. Continue to remember him and Darlene in your prayers. Valerie is flying back to the states and staying two weeks to be with them during this time.

Seattle Delegation Visiting Southeast Asia April 26, 2012

Berean Bible Church-ShorelineThings to Come Mission welcomes Pastor Jim & Teresa Shemaria of Berean Bible Church in Shoreline, Washington for a ministry visit to Southeast Asia on April 26 to May 9. The Shemarias will be joined by Mr. Alex Pierce, an active member of the church's mission committee. Berean Bible Church has been a long-time supporter of TCM's worldwide ministries and we are looking forward to this first formal Southeast Asia visit. The delegation will participate in a seminar and services in Manila before flying to Singapore and Bali on May 1 for TCM's Southeast Asia Grace Conference on May 2-5. On May 6 the group will participate in the Jakarta Grace churches before visiting Grace believers in Malaysia on May 7-8. Update: The Shemarias and Alex were met by Pastor Gerson Bermejo and Ben Anderson in Manila at 11pm on April 26. They are healthy and ready to start the activities on Friday.

Citizenship Approved for LeFeber April 25, 2012

Vicki LeFeber Missionary to Brazil, Vicki LeFeber, has been in the States waiting for an interview and to take a test for citizenship. Her test was scheduled on April 16th in Detroit, MI. Yesterday Vicki wrote, “I am finally a Brazilian-American citizen, I received my citizenship 4 days ago! The Lord has blessed me abundantly. Thank you for your prayers, I will leave for Brazil tonight.” Remember Vicki in your prayers as she travels back to Brazil and joins her husband, Doug who stayed behind while she was in the States.

Philippine Grace Churches Celebrate 54 Years April 21, 2012

ConferenceThe 54th Annual Conference of the Philippine Grace Churches was held in the southern city of Davao on April 17-20. The 517 registered delegates and dozens of visitors enjoyed fellowship with Grace believers from every region of the Philippines. Attendees were challenged with the theme Generating Generosity for Growth in Mission. Director Ben Anderson gave the opening and closing challenges while Philippine leaders and pastors ably brought the theme to life. Director Gerson Bermejo reported that a Grace church exists in 100% of the Philippine regions, 80% of the provinces and 40% of the cities. A highlight of the conference was when 47 individuals were recognized as new pastors and Bible women, and eight men were ordained as ministers. A pastor from Manila commented, “That was the best TCM conference I've attended.”

Hailstorm Provides New Roof for Mission April 17, 2012

Roof repair The TCM-USA office experienced damage to shingles on the roof after a recent hailstorm passed through Indianapolis. The repairs were funded by insurance money designated to reshingle the entire roof. While removing the shingles, carpenters found many damaged areas and repaired them using 10 sheets of plywood. The new roof looks great and TCM is very thankful the Lord provided the funds to complete the project before any further damage was done. Completed Project.

Hundreds Attend NGYO Conference April 9, 2012

NGYO Conference TCM Philippines held their biennial National Grace Youth Organization (NGYO) Conference, April 4-8 organized by Pastor Cadelina, Director of the TCM Youth Department, NYGO officers and youth coordinators. 352 young people from TCM churches in Luzon, Visayas, and Mindanao attended the conference held at the Philippine Christian University Campus in Dasmarinas, Cavite. Main speakers, Director Ben and Joyce Anderson, joined other invited speakers for a four day conference with topics of: Yes to Evangelism, Yes to Discipleship, Yes to Leadership, and Yes to Mission.

Golden Anniversary April 1, 2012

IGBI Graduation TCM-Philippines hosted its golden commencement anniversary of IGBI-Ozamiz, March 30-31. The school started in 1959 celebrated 50 years of graduating young men and women for the ministry. Pastor Pielago writes, “The celebration featured the Golden Banquet on the 30th and the Golden Baccalaureate and Commencement Exercises on the 31st. Over 300 attended the banquet and the attendance was almost doubled for the next day. 17 new graduates finished their four-year training at the school and jubilantly marched for graduation together with their parents, IGBI administration and faculty headed by Campus Director, Pastor Noli B. Ongos, and guests…The theme for the whole celebration was Faithful to the End.” Congratulations to all graduates and to the IGBI-Ozamiz Campus for this great achievement.

Five Souls Won for Christ in Kisumu March 30, 2012

GBC Logo Pastor Titus Kivilu writes, “We are having a three-day witnessing ministry from Friday (today) to Sunday at Rabuor, a market on the outskirts of Kisumu. Five souls received Christ today in door-to-door witnessing. Praise be to the Lord. On Sunday a new Grace church (daughter church of Kisumu Grace Bible Church) will be opened in this market. Pray for the new converts and the new church.” Pastor Titus is completing his pastoral ministry in Kisumu in preparation to taking up his responsibilities as Director in Thika.

Timbo Church is Adding Rooms March 28, 2012

Timbo Grace Church Gomer Indino reports that Timbo Grace Church in Santa Catarina, Brazil is well on the way to completing the second floor of their church. The first floor was completed three years ago and the members paid off the loan within ten months. Pastor Carlos Schmidt, who is the director of the southern Grace churches, lives in the area and is helping to oversee the construction. This building will be valuable not only for the local church, but also for Bible school and Bible conferences in the area.

Congratulations to Rob & Teresa in Spain March 24, 2012

Paulus VanderZeeRob & Teresa (Autida) van der Zee—who live in Spain and use their website to proclaim God’s grace in Europe—announce, “Besides all our spiritual blessings in the heavenly places in Christ, God has blessed us here on earth with the birth of our son Paulus. The first name is the name of the apostle who preached to us the gospel of the grace of God and the second name is the name of the grandfather on father’s side.” May young Paulus one day proclaim the gospel of Christ in Europe just like Apostle Paul nearly 2000 years ago.

Doug & Vicki LeFeber in Two Countries March 21, 2012

AirplaneVicki LeFeber is in the United States to finalize her citizenship. Vicki writes, “I have been here in the States for two months now. Doug calls on Skype, so we can communicate while I am here. I have been waiting for immigration to call me for the interview and test for the citizenship. I finally heard from them last week—my interview and test will be April 16th in Detroit. Then I am going home, but they will probably call me back this summer for the final ceremony. Please pray that everything will go OK.” Doug is pressing on with the ministry in Recife. His doctor recently told him he needs two hearing aids, which will cost $4000.

Indinos in Car Accident March 19, 2012

Gomer and NeneGomer and Nene Indino report having a car accident on their way home from preaching at Carlos Schmidt’s church in Timbo, Brazil. Gomer writes, “It was dark, no cellphone signals to call for towing. Two tires had exploded…and we hit concrete about a foot high with a big impact that pushed the engine up almost on the hood. The damage is really extensive, don’t know when it will be fixed up, but praise the Lord, Nene and I are ok! Imagine how the Lord protected us and it was our 33rd wedding anniversary!” Remember Gomer and Nene in your prayers as they get their transportation needs figured out and paid for. 3/23: Gomer called by Skype to tell us that his car is now repaired at a cost of $1500 and he was able to drive it to visit a man he is mentoring for the ministry.

Funds Raised for Motorbike March 14, 2012

MotorbikeRejoice with us as all funds have been raised to purchase a motorbike for a missionary couple in a closed Southeast Asian country. Motorbikes are an economical and effective means of transportation for this family. With the $1800 that was raised, this couple will be able to travel between home, language school, the market and their ministries more efficiently. Thank you to all who prayed for or gave towards this project. Continue to pray for this couple as they face strong spiritual opposition and darkness.

Bible School Building Started in Thika March 13, 2012

Thika Bible School Praise the Lord with us for the start of construction at our Bible school property in Thika, Kenya, about 45 minutes northeast of Nairobi. Director Ben Anderson found this land in 2004 while a missionary in Kenya. Since then construction has been held up by plans and government permits. Gardner Improso is working with the Bible School committee to put up this initial building of eight rooms. These rooms will contain the school office, library, national church office, dorm rooms and classroom. $16,000 has already been raised of the total cost of $22,000. Pray that this school will provide quality theological education for ministers in Kenya and in countries to the north of Kenya.

Pastor Sagrado Improso Hospitalized March 5, 2012

Pastor Sagrado Improso Pastor Sagrado Improso is a pastor, board member, businessman and plantation manager in the Philippine Grace churches. His daughter Dr. Ruth Improso, former TCM missionary to Cambodia, explains, “Papa has multiple myeloma; it’s cancer affecting the blood cells and it’s very rare. It will affect the bones, the kidneys and other parts of the body . . . Papa has compression fracture on his lower back and is painful . . . He is given pain relievers, strong ones, but he still complains of pain . . . he has just vomited due to discomfort in his stomach. We will start with chemotherapy next week and please include in your prayers that he will not suffer the serious side effects of the chemotherapy. We have been here for one week in the hospital.” Anyone wishing to assist with the hospital expenses may do so through TCM. Update 3/12: Pastor Sagrado was discharged from the hospital after 2 weeks; but, after severe bouts of vomiting and weakness, he is back in the hospital. His medicines are now given through intravenous fluids and he is unable to drink water, only sips of milk. Please continue to remember Pastor Sagrado in your prayers.

Internet Radio Coming to Ponta Grossa March 1, 2012

Brazil Radio Soon the people of Brazil will be listening to the Grace message through internet radio. Pastor Ewerton Cesar writes, “My dream is to be able to acquire a radio station FM to transmit through the radio signal for the whole city, but the brazilian legislation and a little time consuming, when it comes to grant the radio frequency, but we are waiting, so count on the prayers of all the brothers for that one day we will have this dream come true, that we can connect a stereo and listen to a radio message of Grace being transmitted.” Pastor Ewerton works with Pastor Roberto Carlos Gonçalves in the Ponta Grossa Grace Church in southern Brazil. Listen Here.

Africa Safari 2012 February 29, 2012

Africa Safari 2012 Join us for this year’s Africa Safari a two week journey, July 19-August 1, 2012, to Kenya on the east coast of Africa. This trip is organized by the Kenya Field of Things to Come Mission and is headed up by TCM Director Ben Anderson and Joyce Anderson. Come experience firsthand the life and work of a missionary! Trip includes fellowship with missionaries Gardner and Ledith Improso; visiting homes of Kenyan pastors and members; Open Air Evangelistic meetings; work project; Orphanage visit and work; Sunday Church Fellowship; and much more. The journey ends with a trip to one of Kenya’s thrilling wild animal parks, Masai Mara. Cost for Africa Safari 2012 $2600. More Information.

Grace Berean Church is Growing February 25, 2012

New Church Location Dean Padayhag writes, “For more than a year, Grace Berean Church-Kempton Park has been using the boardroom of New Millennium College for services. On February 25th, the school and church will be moving to a bigger facility a kilometre away from the present location and closer to town, hotels, and shops. Both the school principal and owner have offered the school hall for our church and a room to use for our office. The hall can accommodate 300-400 people. Please pray for more outreach in this new community.”

A Vehicle for the Mombasa Ministry February 24, 2012

Mombasa CarPraise the Lord that the Body of Christ has responded faithfully and sacrificially to the need for a vehicle to expand the active ministry on the coast of the Indian Ocean. The full amount has been donated and the vehicle will be purchased soon. Pastor Peter & Margaret Kagwi with missionary Luz Gaddi have been using public transport, which required many hours of walking and there was no way to carry equipment such as amplifier, speakers and projector. Pastor Peter writes, “We are targeting three new areas: Kilifi District in Chonyi (North Coast), Kwale District in Saburu (West Coast) along Mombasa-Nairobi highway and Ukunda (South Coast) where an active BGSM student has expressed his desire of planting a grace church.”

Titus Kivilu Appointed to Direct Grace Churches February 23, 2012

Pastor Titus Kivilu Pastor Titus Kivilu has been appointed by the 12-person board of the Grace Bible Churches of Kenya to be the executive director for the next four years (2012- 2015). Pastor Titus is a graduate of Grace Bible School in Kenya and his home church is Kiimani Grace Bible Church in Machakos District. After graduating, Pastor Titus pastored in his home church before moving to Kisumu City in west Kenya. Pastor Titus is married to Jemima and they have two sons. The family will move to the GBC headquarters in Thika in April. TCM commends Pastor Titus on his appointment. We also say a hearty Thank You to outgoing director Pastor Samuel Mwangi. See more pictures and read Pastor Titus’s vision statement.

Judy Heath Back in Malaysia February 22, 2012

Tim & Judy Heath After traveling approximately 30,000 miles and 26.5 hours of actual flight time, Judy Heath has arrived safely back in Malaysia. Judy traveled to Michigan to be with her family during the passing of her father and also traveled to visit family in Washington and California. Tim Heath writes, “her family in Michigan was very thankful she was there through the whole process. Our son, Danny and his family, our daughters Jennifer and Melody and their families all got to see “Grammie” and of course Judy loved the opportunity to see all of them.

Sharing God’s Love on Valentine’s Day February 14, 2012

Valentine's CelebrationHolidays make for great opportunities to share the Gospel. Maraats and Killions used Valentine’s Day to share with Thai students and their friends. Genesis writes of the 19 students and friends who attended their celebration, “The night was celebrated with English games, special songs, and lots of laughter. I gave a short talk on the beginning of Valentine’s Day, emphasizing that “Love” is the most important thing in the world.” Nathan reports on the celebration at The Centre, “16 students came out for the evening and we enjoyed playing games, eating lasagna and strawberry cake, and sharing about the true love that comes from Jesus…We also gave our students “Love is…” bookmarks...I asked them how they felt about these words. Many of them said, “Oh, it makes me feel so good, Ajaan (teacher)!” We are trusting the Lord that the Gospel will be planted and take root in the lives of these precious students.”

Prayer and Fellowship February 13, 2012

BGSM Students On February 4, students from all of the Berean Grace School of Ministries training centers in Mombasa, Kenya joined together for a time of prayer and fellowship. Pastor Peter Kagwi writes, “It has become the tradition for the BGSM students to come together during closing and opening days after their break. This has helped them to know each other. They also have a chance of sharing their lives and ministry experiences.” Pastor Peter also announced the addition of evening classes for those who work during the day. Praise the Lord three students have already registered for evening classes.

First Christian Fellowship February 10, 2012

Grace English Center Genesis Maraat reports, "Today [Feb. 4] was our ever first Christian Fellowship at Grace English Center. There were around 15 individuals including our landlords and two university students. Nathan shared a very good "Word of Encouragement" to all of us. Our landlords, this was the second time they heard about Jesus. One student commented that, that was her first time to hear the story about Jesus. Seed was sown to the hearts of men. May God cause it to grow and bear fruit in God's timing. A fellowship dinner followed after. Everyone enjoyed it."

God is Working February 6, 2012

Students in Cambodia Myra Omcitin reports, “My friend believes in Jesus Christ as her Savior! Last Monday, I talked to her about salvation again. I asked questions and I was pleased to hear her answers. She believes she is a sinner, there is heaven and hell, she needs salvation, and that Jesus can save her! Isn’t God working in [my friend’s] life?” Myra also has the opportunity to have Bible studies with various contacts she has made. “Last week I was able to teach the Bible to 4 students in our English class for 3 consecutive nights! [My friend,] Elsa handles the high school group in Baipai Village. She teaches the Knowing God series. The students will move to Phnom Penh next year to study in the university. They are already believers in Christ so please pray that they will grow in the Lord and will become strong Grace Believers.”

Pastor Sorn Sruoch, First Grace Pastor in Cambodia January 31, 2012

New Pastor Ariel Mahilum, Team Cambodia leader, writes that Sorn Sruoch, a university student who has been working with Team Cambodia while completing his law degree, has accepted the call to serve the Lord as a pastor. He will serve as the Intern Pastor of the Phnom Penh Grace Church for one year while continuing to be trained by Ariel. Pastor Sruoch is the first Cambodian pastor to rise up through TCM's ministry in Cambodia which began in 2007. Let us be in prayer for Pastor Sruoch and Team Cambodia as they proclaim the gospel of God's grace.

Judy Heath’s Father is With the Lord January 23, 2012

Judy Heath Judy Heath returned to Muskegon, Michigan to be with her father Charles Fielstra, Jr. during his final days on this earth. He had become quite weak when Judy arrived from Southeast Asia; however, she had a few days with him before he passed into the arms of his Savior Jesus Christ on January 23. Judy sees it as a miracle she made it home in time, especially when the Chicago airport was closed a day later. The funeral service will be at 4pm on Friday, January 27 at Calvary Bible Church in Norton Shores. Judy will visit friends and family for one month before rejoining Tim who is continuing their church development ministry in Southeast Asia.